Code style cleanup -- NO FUNCTIONAL CHANGES

Massive cleanup of code formatting style.  This was deemed necessary, as
the original codebase is a mix of styles varying from file to file, and
occasionally from line to line.  Honestly, it was messy enough to be a
major distraction.

This is a styling change only, and is functionally identical to the
immediately previous version.  (The only change that could be described
as a functional change was to collect all the various 'isnan'
definitions in one place.)

The style employed is a Google-ewhac hybrid.  Indentation is now two
spaces per level.  All TAB characters and (nearly all) trailing blanks
have been removed.  All files now use UNIX-style newlines.

Some effort was made to improve inline spacing and formatting,
	- Spaces before non-consecutive open-parens,
	- No space after open-parens,
	- No space before close-parens,
	- Two spaces after the semicolon in each 'for' clause,
	- Two spaces surrounding each logic op (&& and ||),
	- Return type on separate line from function declaration,
	- Open-brace for function on its own line.

This effort was applied irregularly.

ewhac's style has been developed over 30 years, and is optimized for C.
It falls apart a bit for C++.  But then, pure ewhac style uses 8-space
TAB characters, so shaddup.
112 files changed