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This file describes the coverage tracking script and the coverage dashboard.
The intention of this small tracking system is to track code coverage data
over time. Since code coverage is continuously recomputed on the build bots,
the script is intended to run on the build bot as a cron job
and extract the data from there. The dashboard doesn't care how often this
script runs, but running each hour should be more than enough.
The script uses OAuth to authenticate itself. In order to do
this, it needs two files: consumer.secret and access.token. The consumer secret
is known within the organization and is stored in a plain file on the bot
running the scripts (we don't want to check in this secret in the code in the
public repository). The consumer secret is a plain file with a single line
containing the secret string.
The access.token file is generated by It does this
by going through the three-legged OAuth authorization process. An administrator
of the dashboard must approve the request from the script. Once that is done,
access.token will be written and will be able to report
Follow the following instructions:
The dashboard can be started on using the script
as described in the above URL (and in the following 'hello world' page).
Follow the following instructions: