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* Copyright (c) 2011 The WebRTC project authors. All Rights Reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
* that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
* tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
* in the file PATENTS. All contributing project authors may
* be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
enum ViEErrors {
// ViEBase.
kViENotInitialized = 12000, // Init has not been called successfully.
kViEBaseVoEFailure, // SetVoiceEngine. ViE failed to use VE instance. Check VE instance pointer.ConnectAudioChannel failed to set voice channel. Have SetVoiceEngine been called? Is the voice channel correct.
kViEBaseChannelCreationFailed, // CreateChannel.
kViEBaseInvalidChannelId, // The channel does not exist.
kViEAPIDoesNotExist, // Release called on Interface that has not been created.
kViEBaseAlreadySending, // StartSend called on channel that is already sending.
kViEBaseNotSending, // StopSend called on channel that is not sending.
kViEBaseAlreadyReceiving, // StartReceive called on channel that is already receiving.
kViEBaseObserverAlreadyRegistered, // RegisterObserver- an observer has already been set.
kViEBaseObserverNotRegistered, // DeregisterObserver - no observer has been registered.
kViEBaseUnknownError, // An unknown error has occurred. Check the log file.
// ViECodec.
kViECodecInvalidArgument = 12100, // Wrong input parameter to function.
kViECodecObserverAlreadyRegistered, // RegisterEncoderObserver, RegisterDecoderObserver.
kViECodecObserverNotRegistered, // DeregisterEncoderObserver, DeregisterDecoderObserver.
kViECodecInvalidCodec, // SetSendCodec,SetReceiveCodec- The codec structure is invalid.
kViECodecInvalidChannelId, // The channel does not exist.
kViECodecInUse, // SetSendCodec- Can't change codec size or type when multiple channels use the same encoder.
kViECodecUnknownError, // An unknown error has occurred. Check the log file.
// ViERender.
kViERenderInvalidRenderId = 12200, // No renderer with the ID exist. In AddRenderer - The render ID is invalid. No capture device, channel or file is allocated with that id.
kViERenderAlreadyExists, // AddRenderer: the renderer already exist.
kViERenderInvalidFrameFormat, // AddRender (external renderer). The user has requested a frame format that we don't support.
kViERenderUnknownError, // An unknown error has occurred. Check the log file.
// ViECapture.
kViECaptureDeviceAlreadyConnected = 12300, // ConnectCaptureDevice - A capture device has already been connected to this video channel.
kViECaptureDeviceDoesNotExist, // No capture device exist with the provided capture id or unique name.
kViECaptureDeviceInvalidChannelId, // ConnectCaptureDevice, DisconnectCaptureDevice- No Channel exist with the provided channel id.
kViECaptureDeviceNotConnected, // DisconnectCaptureDevice- No capture device is connected to the channel.
kViECaptureDeviceNotStarted, // Stop- The capture device is not started.
kViECaptureDeviceAlreadyStarted, // Start- The capture device is already started.
kViECaptureDeviceAlreadyAllocated, // AllocateCaptureDevice The device is already allocated.
kViECaptureDeviceMaxNoDevicesAllocated, // AllocateCaptureDevice Max number of devices already allocated.
kViECaptureObserverAlreadyRegistered, // RegisterObserver- An observer is already registered. Need to deregister first.
kViECaptureDeviceObserverNotRegistered, // DeregisterObserver- No observer is registered.
kViECaptureDeviceUnknownError, // An unknown error has occurred. Check the log file.
kViECaptureDeviceMacQtkitNotSupported, // QTKit handles the capture devices automatically. Thus querying capture capabilities is not supported.
// ViEFile.
kViEFileInvalidChannelId = 12400, // No Channel exist with the provided channel id.
kViEFileInvalidArgument, // Incorrect input argument
kViEFileAlreadyRecording, // StartRecordOutgoingVideo - already recording channel
kViEFileVoENotSet, // StartRecordOutgoingVideo. Failed to access voice engine. Has SetVoiceEngine been called?
kViEFileNotRecording, // StopRecordOutgoingVideo
kViEFileMaxNoOfFilesOpened, // StartPlayFile
kViEFileNotPlaying, // StopPlayFile. The file with the provided id is not playing.
kViEFileObserverAlreadyRegistered, // RegisterObserver
kViEFileObserverNotRegistered, // DeregisterObserver
kViEFileInputAlreadyConnected, // SendFileOnChannel- the video channel already have a connected input.
kViEFileNotConnected, // StopSendFileOnChannel- No file is being sent on the channel.
kViEFileVoEFailure, // SendFileOnChannel,StartPlayAudioLocally - failed to play audio stream
kViEFileInvalidRenderId, // SetRenderTimeoutImage and SetRenderStartImage: Renderer with the provided render id does not exist.
kViEFileInvalidFile, // Can't open the file with provided filename. Is the path and file format correct?
kViEFileInvalidCapture, // Can't use ViEPicture. Is the object correct?
kViEFileSetRenderTimeoutError, // SetRenderTimeoutImage- Please see log file.
kViEFileInvalidCaptureId, // SetCaptureDeviceImage capture id does not exist.
kViEFileSetCaptureImageError, // SetCaptureDeviceImage error. Please see log file.
kViEFileSetStartImageError, // SetRenderStartImage error. Please see log file.
kViEFileUnknownError, // An unknown error has occurred. Check the log file.
// ViENetwork.
kViENetworkInvalidChannelId = 12500, // No Channel exist with the provided channel id.
kViENetworkAlreadyReceiving, // SetLocalReceiver: Can not change ports while receiving.
kViENetworkLocalReceiverNotSet, // GetLocalReceiver: SetLocalReceiver not called.
kViENetworkAlreadySending, // SetSendDestination
kViENetworkDestinationNotSet, // GetSendDestination
kViENetworkInvalidArgument, // GetLocalIP- Check function arguments.
kViENetworkSendCodecNotSet, // SetSendGQoS- Need to set the send codec first.
kViENetworkServiceTypeNotSupported, // SetSendGQoS
kViENetworkNotSupported, // SetSendGQoS Not supported on this OS.
kViENetworkObserverAlreadyRegistered, // RegisterObserver
kViENetworkObserverNotRegistered, // SetPeriodicDeadOrAliveStatus - Need to call RegisterObserver first, DeregisterObserver if no observer is registered.
kViENetworkUnknownError, // An unknown error has occurred. Check the log file.
kViERtpRtcpInvalidChannelId = 12600, // No Channel exist with the provided channel id.
kViERtpRtcpAlreadySending, // The channel is already sending. Need to stop send before calling this API.
kViERtpRtcpNotSending, // The channel needs to be sending in order for this function to work.
kViERtpRtcpRtcpDisabled, // Functions failed because RTCP is disabled.
kViERtpRtcpObserverAlreadyRegistered, // An observer is already registered. Need to deregister the old first.
kViERtpRtcpObserverNotRegistered, // No observer registered.
kViERtpRtcpUnknownError, // An unknown error has occurred. Check the log file.
// ViEEncryption.
kViEEncryptionInvalidChannelId = 12700, // Channel id does not exist.
kViEEncryptionInvalidSrtpParameter, // EnableSRTPSend, EnableSRTPReceive- Check the SRTP parameters.
kViEEncryptionSrtpNotSupported, // This build does not support SRTP.
kViEEncryptionUnknownError, // An unknown error has occurred. Check the log file.
// ViEImageProcess.
kViEImageProcessInvalidChannelId = 12800, // No Channel exist with the provided channel id.
kViEImageProcessInvalidCaptureId, // No capture device exist with the provided capture id.
kViEImageProcessFilterExists, // RegisterCaptureEffectFilter,RegisterSendEffectFilter,RegisterRenderEffectFilter - Effect filter already registered.
kViEImageProcessFilterDoesNotExist, // DeRegisterCaptureEffectFilter,DeRegisterSendEffectFilter,DeRegisterRenderEffectFilter - Effect filter not registered.
kViEImageProcessAlreadyEnabled, // EnableDeflickering,EnableDenoising,EnableColorEnhancement- Function already enabled.
kViEImageProcessAlreadyDisabled, // EnableDeflickering,EnableDenoising,EnableColorEnhancement- Function already disabled.
kViEImageProcessUnknownError // An unknown error has occurred. Check the log file.