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* Copyright (c) 2012 The WebRTC project authors. All Rights Reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
* that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
* tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
* in the file PATENTS. All contributing project authors may
* be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
#include "typedefs.h"
#include "rtp_rtcp.h"
#include "critical_section_wrapper.h"
#include "video_coding_defines.h"
#include "modules/video_coding/main/source/tick_time_base.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <list>
#include <string>
#define HDR_SIZE 8 // rtpplay packet header size in bytes
#define RAND_VEC_LENGTH 4096
struct PayloadCodecTuple;
struct RawRtpPacket
RawRtpPacket(WebRtc_UWord8* rtp_data, WebRtc_UWord16 rtp_length);
uint8_t* data;
uint16_t length;
int64_t resend_time_ms;
typedef std::list<PayloadCodecTuple*> PayloadTypeList;
typedef std::list<RawRtpPacket*> RtpPacketList;
typedef RtpPacketList::iterator RtpPacketIterator;
typedef RtpPacketList::const_iterator ConstRtpPacketIterator;
class LostPackets {
void AddPacket(RawRtpPacket* packet);
void SetResendTime(uint16_t sequenceNumber,
int64_t resendTime,
int64_t nowMs);
RawRtpPacket* NextPacketToResend(int64_t timeNow);
int NumberOfPacketsToResend() const;
void SetPacketResent(uint16_t seqNo, int64_t nowMs);
void Print() const;
webrtc::CriticalSectionWrapper* crit_sect_;
int loss_count_;
FILE* debug_file_;
RtpPacketList packets_;
struct PayloadCodecTuple
PayloadCodecTuple(WebRtc_UWord8 plType, std::string codecName, webrtc::VideoCodecType type) :
name(codecName), payloadType(plType), codecType(type) {};
const std::string name;
const WebRtc_UWord8 payloadType;
const webrtc::VideoCodecType codecType;
class RTPPlayer : public webrtc::VCMPacketRequestCallback
RTPPlayer(const char* filename,
webrtc::RtpData* callback,
webrtc::TickTimeBase* clock);
virtual ~RTPPlayer();
WebRtc_Word32 Initialize(const PayloadTypeList* payloadList);
WebRtc_Word32 NextPacket(const WebRtc_Word64 timeNow);
WebRtc_UWord32 TimeUntilNextPacket() const;
WebRtc_Word32 SimulatePacketLoss(float lossRate, bool enableNack = false, WebRtc_UWord32 rttMs = 0);
WebRtc_Word32 SetReordering(bool enabled);
WebRtc_Word32 ResendPackets(const WebRtc_UWord16* sequenceNumbers, WebRtc_UWord16 length);
void Print() const;
WebRtc_Word32 SendPacket(WebRtc_UWord8* rtpData, WebRtc_UWord16 rtpLen);
WebRtc_Word32 ReadPacket(WebRtc_Word16* rtpdata, WebRtc_UWord32* offset);
WebRtc_Word32 ReadHeader();
webrtc::TickTimeBase* _clock;
FILE* _rtpFile;
webrtc::RtpRtcp& _rtpModule;
WebRtc_UWord32 _nextRtpTime;
webrtc::RtpData* _dataCallback;
bool _firstPacket;
float _lossRate;
bool _nackEnabled;
LostPackets _lostPackets;
WebRtc_UWord32 _resendPacketCount;
WebRtc_Word32 _noLossStartup;
bool _endOfFile;
WebRtc_UWord32 _rttMs;
WebRtc_Word64 _firstPacketRtpTime;
WebRtc_Word64 _firstPacketTimeMs;
RawRtpPacket* _reorderBuffer;
bool _reordering;
WebRtc_Word16 _nextPacket[8000];
WebRtc_Word32 _nextPacketLength;
int _randVec[RAND_VEC_LENGTH];
int _randVecPos;