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* Copyright (c) 2012 The WebRTC project authors. All Rights Reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
* that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
* tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
* in the file PATENTS. All contributing project authors may
* be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
#include "typedefs.h"
#include "rtp_rtcp_config.h"
#include "critical_section_wrapper.h"
* FEC and NACK added bitrate is handled outside class
namespace webrtc {
class BandwidthManagement
BandwidthManagement(const WebRtc_Word32 id);
// Call when we receive a RTCP message with TMMBR or REMB
WebRtc_Word32 UpdateBandwidthEstimate(const WebRtc_UWord16 bandWidthKbit,
WebRtc_UWord32* newBitrate,
WebRtc_UWord8* fractionLost,
WebRtc_UWord16* roundTripTime);
// Call when we receive a RTCP message with a ReceiveBlock
WebRtc_Word32 UpdatePacketLoss(
const WebRtc_UWord32 lastReceivedExtendedHighSeqNum,
WebRtc_UWord32 sentBitrate,
const WebRtc_UWord16 rtt,
WebRtc_UWord8* loss,
WebRtc_UWord32* newBitrate,
WebRtc_Word64 nowMS);
// If no bandwidth estimate is available or if |bandwidthKbit| is NULL,
// -1 is returned.
WebRtc_Word32 AvailableBandwidth(WebRtc_UWord32* bandwidthKbit) const;
void SetSendBitrate(const WebRtc_UWord32 startBitrate,
const WebRtc_UWord16 minBitrateKbit,
const WebRtc_UWord16 maxBitrateKbit);
WebRtc_Word32 MaxConfiguredBitrate(WebRtc_UWord16* maxBitrateKbit);
WebRtc_UWord32 ShapeSimple(WebRtc_Word32 packetLoss,
WebRtc_Word32 rtt,
WebRtc_UWord32 sentBitrate,
WebRtc_Word64 nowMS);
WebRtc_Word32 CalcTFRCbps(WebRtc_Word16 avgPackSizeBytes,
WebRtc_Word32 rttMs,
WebRtc_Word32 packetLoss);
enum { kBWEUpdateIntervalMs = 1000 };
WebRtc_Word32 _id;
CriticalSectionWrapper* _critsect;
// incoming filters
WebRtc_UWord32 _lastPacketLossExtendedHighSeqNum;
bool _lastReportAllLost;
WebRtc_UWord8 _lastLoss;
int _accumulateLostPacketsQ8;
int _accumulateExpectedPackets;
// bitrate
WebRtc_UWord32 _bitRate;
WebRtc_UWord32 _minBitRateConfigured;
WebRtc_UWord32 _maxBitRateConfigured;
WebRtc_UWord8 _last_fraction_loss;
WebRtc_UWord16 _last_round_trip_time;
// bandwidth estimate
WebRtc_UWord32 _bwEstimateIncoming;
WebRtc_Word16 _smoothedFractionLostQ4;
WebRtc_Word16 _sFLFactorQ4; // forgetting factor for _smoothedFractionLostQ4
WebRtc_Word64 _timeLastIncrease;
} // namespace webrtc