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* Copyright (c) 2011 The WebRTC project authors. All Rights Reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
* that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
* tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
* in the file PATENTS. All contributing project authors may
* be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
#include "defines.h"
typedef struct NSParaExtract_t_ {
//bin size of histogram
float binSizeLrt;
float binSizeSpecFlat;
float binSizeSpecDiff;
//range of histogram over which lrt threshold is computed
float rangeAvgHistLrt;
//scale parameters: multiply dominant peaks of the histograms by scale factor to obtain
//thresholds for prior model
float factor1ModelPars; //for lrt and spectral difference
float factor2ModelPars; //for spectral_flatness: used when noise is flatter than speech
//peak limit for spectral flatness (varies between 0 and 1)
float thresPosSpecFlat;
//limit on spacing of two highest peaks in histogram: spacing determined by bin size
float limitPeakSpacingSpecFlat;
float limitPeakSpacingSpecDiff;
//limit on relevance of second peak:
float limitPeakWeightsSpecFlat;
float limitPeakWeightsSpecDiff;
//limit on fluctuation of lrt feature
float thresFluctLrt;
//limit on the max and min values for the feature thresholds
float maxLrt;
float minLrt;
float maxSpecFlat;
float minSpecFlat;
float maxSpecDiff;
float minSpecDiff;
//criteria of weight of histogram peak to accept/reject feature
int thresWeightSpecFlat;
int thresWeightSpecDiff;
} NSParaExtract_t;
typedef struct NSinst_t_ {
WebRtc_UWord32 fs;
int blockLen;
int blockLen10ms;
int windShift;
int outLen;
int anaLen;
int magnLen;
int aggrMode;
const float* window;
float dataBuf[ANAL_BLOCKL_MAX];
float syntBuf[ANAL_BLOCKL_MAX];
float outBuf[3 * BLOCKL_MAX];
int initFlag;
// parameters for quantile noise estimation
float density[SIMULT* HALF_ANAL_BLOCKL];
float lquantile[SIMULT* HALF_ANAL_BLOCKL];
float quantile[HALF_ANAL_BLOCKL];
int counter[SIMULT];
int updates;
// parameters for Wiener filter
float smooth[HALF_ANAL_BLOCKL];
float overdrive;
float denoiseBound;
int gainmap;
// fft work arrays.
int ip[IP_LENGTH];
float wfft[W_LENGTH];
// parameters for new method: some not needed, will reduce/cleanup later
WebRtc_Word32 blockInd; //frame index counter
int modelUpdatePars[4]; //parameters for updating or estimating
// thresholds/weights for prior model
float priorModelPars[7]; //parameters for prior model
float noisePrev[HALF_ANAL_BLOCKL]; //noise spectrum from previous frame
float magnPrev[HALF_ANAL_BLOCKL]; //magnitude spectrum of previous frame
float logLrtTimeAvg[HALF_ANAL_BLOCKL]; //log lrt factor with time-smoothing
float priorSpeechProb; //prior speech/noise probability
float featureData[7]; //data for features
float magnAvgPause[HALF_ANAL_BLOCKL]; //conservative noise spectrum estimate
float signalEnergy; //energy of magn
float sumMagn; //sum of magn
float whiteNoiseLevel; //initial noise estimate
float initMagnEst[HALF_ANAL_BLOCKL]; //initial magnitude spectrum estimate
float pinkNoiseNumerator; //pink noise parameter: numerator
float pinkNoiseExp; //pink noise parameter: power of freq
NSParaExtract_t featureExtractionParams; //parameters for feature extraction
//histograms for parameter estimation
int histLrt[HIST_PAR_EST];
int histSpecFlat[HIST_PAR_EST];
int histSpecDiff[HIST_PAR_EST];
//quantities for high band estimate
float speechProbHB[HALF_ANAL_BLOCKL]; //final speech/noise prob: prior + LRT
float dataBufHB[ANAL_BLOCKL_MAX]; //buffering data for HB
} NSinst_t;
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
* WebRtcNs_InitCore(...)
* This function initializes a noise suppression instance
* Input:
* - inst : Instance that should be initialized
* - fs : Sampling frequency
* Output:
* - inst : Initialized instance
* Return value : 0 - Ok
* -1 - Error
int WebRtcNs_InitCore(NSinst_t* inst, WebRtc_UWord32 fs);
* WebRtcNs_set_policy_core(...)
* This changes the aggressiveness of the noise suppression method.
* Input:
* - inst : Instance that should be initialized
* - mode : 0: Mild (6 dB), 1: Medium (10 dB), 2: Aggressive (15 dB)
* Output:
* - NS_inst : Initialized instance
* Return value : 0 - Ok
* -1 - Error
int WebRtcNs_set_policy_core(NSinst_t* inst, int mode);
* WebRtcNs_ProcessCore
* Do noise suppression.
* Input:
* - inst : Instance that should be initialized
* - inFrameLow : Input speech frame for lower band
* - inFrameHigh : Input speech frame for higher band
* Output:
* - inst : Updated instance
* - outFrameLow : Output speech frame for lower band
* - outFrameHigh : Output speech frame for higher band
* Return value : 0 - OK
* -1 - Error
int WebRtcNs_ProcessCore(NSinst_t* inst,
short* inFrameLow,
short* inFrameHigh,
short* outFrameLow,
short* outFrameHigh);
#ifdef __cplusplus