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- Start with test #3 (Device enumeration) to get an overview of the available
audio devices.
- Next, proceed with test #4 (Device selection) to get more details about
the supported functions for each audio device.
- Verify two-way audio in test #5.
Repeat this test for different selections of playout and recording devices.
- More detailed tests (volume, mute etc.) can also be performed using #6-#11.
- Some tests requires that the user opens up the audio mixer dialog and
verifies that a certain action (e.g. Mute ON/OFF) is executed correctly.
- Files can be recorded during some tests to enable off-line analysis.
- Full support of 'Default Communication' devices requires Windows 7.
- If a test consists of several sub tests, press any key to start a new sub test.
- Microphone Boost control is not supported on Windows Vista or Windows 7.
- Speaker and microphone volume controls will not work as intended on Windows
Vista if a 'Default Communication' device is selected in any direction.