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* Copyright (c) 2012 The WebRTC project authors. All Rights Reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
* that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
* tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
* in the file PATENTS. All contributing project authors may
* be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
* Android audio device interface (JNI/AudioTrack/AudioRecord usage)
#include "audio_device_generic.h"
#include "critical_section_wrapper.h"
#include <jni.h> // For accessing AudioDeviceAndroid java class
namespace webrtc
class EventWrapper;
const WebRtc_UWord32 N_REC_SAMPLES_PER_SEC = 44000; // Default is 44.1 kHz
const WebRtc_UWord32 N_PLAY_SAMPLES_PER_SEC = 44000; // Default is 44.1 kHz
const WebRtc_UWord32 N_REC_CHANNELS = 1; // default is mono recording
const WebRtc_UWord32 N_PLAY_CHANNELS = 1; // default is mono playout
const WebRtc_UWord32 REC_BUF_SIZE_IN_SAMPLES = 480; // Handle max 10 ms @ 48 kHz
WebRtc_Word32 SetAndroidAudioDeviceObjects(void* javaVM, void* env,
void* context);
class ThreadWrapper;
class AudioDeviceAndroidJni: public AudioDeviceGeneric
AudioDeviceAndroidJni(const WebRtc_Word32 id);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 ActiveAudioLayer(
AudioDeviceModule::AudioLayer& audioLayer) const;
virtual WebRtc_Word32 Init();
virtual WebRtc_Word32 Terminate();
virtual bool Initialized() const;
virtual WebRtc_Word16 PlayoutDevices();
virtual WebRtc_Word16 RecordingDevices();
virtual WebRtc_Word32 PlayoutDeviceName(
WebRtc_UWord16 index,
char name[kAdmMaxDeviceNameSize],
char guid[kAdmMaxGuidSize]);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 RecordingDeviceName(
WebRtc_UWord16 index,
char name[kAdmMaxDeviceNameSize],
char guid[kAdmMaxGuidSize]);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 SetPlayoutDevice(WebRtc_UWord16 index);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 SetPlayoutDevice(
AudioDeviceModule::WindowsDeviceType device);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 SetRecordingDevice(WebRtc_UWord16 index);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 SetRecordingDevice(
AudioDeviceModule::WindowsDeviceType device);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 PlayoutIsAvailable(bool& available);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 InitPlayout();
virtual bool PlayoutIsInitialized() const;
virtual WebRtc_Word32 RecordingIsAvailable(bool& available);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 InitRecording();
virtual bool RecordingIsInitialized() const;
virtual WebRtc_Word32 StartPlayout();
virtual WebRtc_Word32 StopPlayout();
virtual bool Playing() const;
virtual WebRtc_Word32 StartRecording();
virtual WebRtc_Word32 StopRecording();
virtual bool Recording() const;
virtual WebRtc_Word32 SetAGC(bool enable);
virtual bool AGC() const;
virtual WebRtc_Word32 SetWaveOutVolume(WebRtc_UWord16 volumeLeft,
WebRtc_UWord16 volumeRight);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 WaveOutVolume(WebRtc_UWord16& volumeLeft,
WebRtc_UWord16& volumeRight) const;
virtual WebRtc_Word32 SpeakerIsAvailable(bool& available);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 InitSpeaker();
virtual bool SpeakerIsInitialized() const;
virtual WebRtc_Word32 MicrophoneIsAvailable(bool& available);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 InitMicrophone();
virtual bool MicrophoneIsInitialized() const;
virtual WebRtc_Word32 SpeakerVolumeIsAvailable(bool& available);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 SetSpeakerVolume(WebRtc_UWord32 volume);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 SpeakerVolume(WebRtc_UWord32& volume) const;
virtual WebRtc_Word32 MaxSpeakerVolume(WebRtc_UWord32& maxVolume) const;
virtual WebRtc_Word32 MinSpeakerVolume(WebRtc_UWord32& minVolume) const;
virtual WebRtc_Word32 SpeakerVolumeStepSize(WebRtc_UWord16& stepSize) const;
virtual WebRtc_Word32 MicrophoneVolumeIsAvailable(bool& available);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 SetMicrophoneVolume(WebRtc_UWord32 volume);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 MicrophoneVolume(WebRtc_UWord32& volume) const;
virtual WebRtc_Word32 MaxMicrophoneVolume(WebRtc_UWord32& maxVolume) const;
virtual WebRtc_Word32 MinMicrophoneVolume(WebRtc_UWord32& minVolume) const;
virtual WebRtc_Word32 MicrophoneVolumeStepSize(WebRtc_UWord16& stepSize)
virtual WebRtc_Word32 SpeakerMuteIsAvailable(bool& available);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 SetSpeakerMute(bool enable);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 SpeakerMute(bool& enabled) const;
virtual WebRtc_Word32 MicrophoneMuteIsAvailable(bool& available);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 SetMicrophoneMute(bool enable);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 MicrophoneMute(bool& enabled) const;
virtual WebRtc_Word32 MicrophoneBoostIsAvailable(bool& available);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 SetMicrophoneBoost(bool enable);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 MicrophoneBoost(bool& enabled) const;
virtual WebRtc_Word32 StereoPlayoutIsAvailable(bool& available);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 SetStereoPlayout(bool enable);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 StereoPlayout(bool& enabled) const;
virtual WebRtc_Word32 StereoRecordingIsAvailable(bool& available);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 SetStereoRecording(bool enable);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 StereoRecording(bool& enabled) const;
virtual WebRtc_Word32 SetPlayoutBuffer(
const AudioDeviceModule::BufferType type, WebRtc_UWord16 sizeMS);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 PlayoutBuffer(
AudioDeviceModule::BufferType& type, WebRtc_UWord16& sizeMS) const;
virtual WebRtc_Word32 PlayoutDelay(WebRtc_UWord16& delayMS) const;
virtual WebRtc_Word32 RecordingDelay(WebRtc_UWord16& delayMS) const;
virtual WebRtc_Word32 CPULoad(WebRtc_UWord16& load) const;
virtual bool PlayoutWarning() const;
virtual bool PlayoutError() const;
virtual bool RecordingWarning() const;
virtual bool RecordingError() const;
virtual void ClearPlayoutWarning();
virtual void ClearPlayoutError();
virtual void ClearRecordingWarning();
virtual void ClearRecordingError();
virtual void AttachAudioBuffer(AudioDeviceBuffer* audioBuffer);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 SetRecordingSampleRate(
const WebRtc_UWord32 samplesPerSec);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 SetPlayoutSampleRate(
const WebRtc_UWord32 samplesPerSec);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 SetLoudspeakerStatus(bool enable);
virtual WebRtc_Word32 GetLoudspeakerStatus(bool& enable) const;
// Lock
void Lock()
void UnLock()
// Init
WebRtc_Word32 InitJavaResources();
WebRtc_Word32 InitSampleRate();
// Threads
static bool RecThreadFunc(void*);
static bool PlayThreadFunc(void*);
bool RecThreadProcess();
bool PlayThreadProcess();
// Misc
AudioDeviceBuffer* _ptrAudioBuffer;
CriticalSectionWrapper& _critSect;
WebRtc_Word32 _id;
// Events
EventWrapper& _timeEventRec;
EventWrapper& _timeEventPlay;
EventWrapper& _recStartStopEvent;
EventWrapper& _playStartStopEvent;
// Threads
ThreadWrapper* _ptrThreadPlay;
ThreadWrapper* _ptrThreadRec;
WebRtc_UWord32 _recThreadID;
WebRtc_UWord32 _playThreadID;
bool _playThreadIsInitialized;
bool _recThreadIsInitialized;
bool _shutdownPlayThread;
bool _shutdownRecThread;
// Rec buffer
WebRtc_Word8 _recBuffer[2 * REC_BUF_SIZE_IN_SAMPLES];
// States
bool _recordingDeviceIsSpecified;
bool _playoutDeviceIsSpecified;
bool _initialized;
bool _recording;
bool _playing;
bool _recIsInitialized;
bool _playIsInitialized;
bool _micIsInitialized;
bool _speakerIsInitialized;
// Signal flags to threads
bool _startRec;
bool _stopRec;
bool _startPlay;
bool _stopPlay;
// Warnings and errors
WebRtc_UWord16 _playWarning;
WebRtc_UWord16 _playError;
WebRtc_UWord16 _recWarning;
WebRtc_UWord16 _recError;
// Delay
WebRtc_UWord16 _delayPlayout;
WebRtc_UWord16 _delayRecording;
// AGC state
bool _AGC;
// Stored device properties
WebRtc_UWord16 _samplingFreqIn; // Sampling frequency for Mic
WebRtc_UWord16 _samplingFreqOut; // Sampling frequency for Speaker
WebRtc_UWord32 _maxSpeakerVolume; // The maximum speaker volume value
bool _loudSpeakerOn;
// Stores the desired audio source to use, set in SetRecordingDevice
int _recAudioSource;
// JNI and Java
JavaVM* _javaVM; // denotes a Java VM
jobject _javaContext; // the application context
JNIEnv* _jniEnvPlay; // The JNI env for playout thread
JNIEnv* _jniEnvRec; // The JNI env for recording thread
jclass _javaScClass; // AudioDeviceAndroid class
jobject _javaScObj; // AudioDeviceAndroid object
// The play buffer field in AudioDeviceAndroid object (global ref)
jobject _javaPlayBuffer;
// The rec buffer field in AudioDeviceAndroid object (global ref)
jobject _javaRecBuffer;
void* _javaDirectPlayBuffer; // Direct buffer pointer to play buffer
void* _javaDirectRecBuffer; // Direct buffer pointer to rec buffer
jmethodID _javaMidPlayAudio; // Method ID of play in AudioDeviceAndroid
jmethodID _javaMidRecAudio; // Method ID of rec in AudioDeviceAndroid
} // namespace webrtc