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Name: libjpeg-turbo
Version: 1.1.90
License File: LICENSE.txt
Security Critical: yes
This consists of three components:
* A partial copy of libjpeg-turbo 1.1.90 (r677);
* A build file (libjpeg.gyp), and;
* Patched header files used by Chromium.
This libjpeg-turbo can replace our libjpeg-6b without any modifications in the
Chromium code.
Same as our copy of libjpeg-6b, this libjpeg-turbo also added a new file
jpeglibmangler.h and included it from jpeglib.h that changes the names of all
externally visible functions to chromium_* so that we can avoid conflicts that
arise when system libraries attempt to use our libjpeg. Also, we applied the
following changes which are not merged to upstream:
* Added the 'private_extern' flags on Mac (or the 'hidden' flags on Linux) to
all the global symbols in '.asm' files to prevent making them external ones.
* Supported motion-JPEG frames that do not have DHT markers.
* Fixed valgrind errors.
The 'google.patch' file represents our changes from the original