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'includes': ['release_defaults.gypi'],
'defines': ['OFFICIAL_BUILD'],
'msvs_settings': {
'VCCLCompilerTool': {
'Optimization': '3',
'InlineFunctionExpansion': '2',
'EnableIntrinsicFunctions': 'true',
'FavorSizeOrSpeed': '2',
'OmitFramePointers': 'true',
'EnableFiberSafeOptimizations': 'true',
'WholeProgramOptimization': 'true',
'VCLibrarianTool': {
'AdditionalOptions': ['/ltcg', '/expectedoutputsize:120000000'],
'VCLinkerTool': {
# Get more debug spew from the linker while we're sorting out
# build problems and performance.
# TODO(siggi): Remove these flags after we're out of the woods.
'AdditionalOptions': [
# This may reduce memory fragmentation during linking.
# The expected size is 40*1024*1024, which gives us about 10M of
# headroom as of Dec 16, 2011.
'LinkTimeCodeGeneration': '1',
# The /PROFILE flag causes the linker to add a "FIXUP" debug stream to
# the generated PDB. According to MSDN documentation, this flag is only
# available (or perhaps supported) in the Enterprise (team development)
# version of Visual Studio. If this blocks your official build, simply
# comment out this line, then re-run "gclient runhooks".
'Profile': 'true',