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from __future__ import absolute_import, division, with_statement
from tornado.test.httpclient_test import HTTPClientCommonTestCase
import pycurl
except ImportError:
pycurl = None
if pycurl is not None:
from tornado.curl_httpclient import CurlAsyncHTTPClient
class CurlHTTPClientCommonTestCase(HTTPClientCommonTestCase):
def get_http_client(self):
client = CurlAsyncHTTPClient(io_loop=self.io_loop)
# make sure AsyncHTTPClient magic doesn't give us the wrong class
self.assertTrue(isinstance(client, CurlAsyncHTTPClient))
return client
# Remove the base class from our namespace so the unittest module doesn't
# try to run it again.
del HTTPClientCommonTestCase
if pycurl is None:
del CurlHTTPClientCommonTestCase