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Main author, project leader:
Dennis Smit <>
Duilio J. Protti <>
Vitaly V. Bursov <>
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri <> (From freevo)
The original JESS work:
Remi Arquier <>
The original Infinity work:
Julien Carme <>
The original lv_gltest work, which is the gl analyzer from xmms:
Peter Alm, Mikael Alm, Olle Hallnas, Thomas Nilsson and 4Front Technologies
Current maintainer, port to libvisual, cleanups, fixes, additions by:
Dennis Smit <>
The previous maintainer and hackers:
Pascal Brochart <>
tunnel effect derived from the tides of time by
Mirko Teran-Ravnikar <>
child effect derived from the star child demo by
Andreas Gustafsson <>
energy effect derived from the tesla demo by
Konrad "Yoghurt" Zagorowicz (sunflower)
knot effect derived from the knot another torus demo
by Jan Horn <>
tentacles derived from the biohazard demo by
Jan Horn <>
spectrum analyzer derived from the spectrum plugin
by the XMMS team
face effect derived from the radial blur demo by
Dario Corno / Jeff Molofee and converted to delphi
by Jan Horn <>
twist effect derived from the twisting cylinder by
Andreas Gustafsson <>
beat detection written by Steve Kirkendall <>
Delphi/C | C++/C conversion by Pascal Brochart <>
Richard Asbury <>
Linux port by: Jean-Christophe Hoelt <>
Many thanks for quality suggestions and input:
Jean-Christophe Hoelt <> (Goom2 main author)