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projectM-qt is a GUI designed to enhance the projectM user and preset writer
experience. I could say it's the best direction for projectM and that's why I
wrote it, but it was really a curious digression in Qt4.
Please visit the wiki at for build instructions.
If you're lazy, just make sure you have cmake installed and type
cmake .
make install
If this fails, go online and get help!
WARNING: This is my first Qt4 (or Qt*) experience. As such, there will be bugs.
Please notify me if something goes wrong! There will be incremental
releases henceforth fixing bugs and adding minor features.
As an ode to Qt, the Qt4 platform has been generally a fun experience and
is much recommended to the developer. As for cross platform support,
it will be severely tested as projectM-qt for mac and win rolls out in
the near future.
Thanks for using projectM-Qt and good luck!
- struktured of the projectM team (