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DONE A display abstraction thingy.
DONE Register SDL as the driver.
DONE handle gl
DONE handle framebuffer
DONE handle resize
DONE handle fullscreen
DONE support resize.
3 support a fps limiter.
DONE add support for libvisual it's gl param system (also make in lv).
DONE Add SDL events to a libvisual event queue.
DONE events to plugin.
Support switching between plugins. << in a different standalone example ?!
good object cleanup.
DONE support resolution selection
DONE support auto scaling on fullscreen, and return to old scale/position.
support keep position with gl switches.
When all is done, check where the API fails, and update in lv.
When all is done, let the playground make use of the display system (finally clean it up).
DONE make use of visibility events.
DONE make use of quit events.
add glx backend.
add support for a on texture renderer.
fix the x11 renderer
add fullscreen support to the x11 and glx renderer.
Make a few end clients:
bin and morphable.
complex (morphable and visui interface)
make sure all is abstract in a way that it's easy to include it in projects.