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// C++ Implementation: PresetFactoryManager
// Description:
// Author: Carmelo Piccione <>, (C) 2008
// Copyright: See COPYING file that comes with this distribution
#include "PresetFactory.hpp"
/// A simple exception class to strongly type all preset factory related issues
class PresetFactoryException : public std::exception
inline PresetFactoryException (const std::string & message) : _message(message) {}
virtual ~PresetFactoryException() throw() {}
const std::string &message() const { return _message; }
std::string _message;
/// A manager of preset factories
class PresetFactoryManager {
/// Initializes the manager with mesh sizes specified
/// \param gx the width of the mesh
/// \param gy the height of the mesh
/// \note This must be called once before any other methods
void initialize (int gx, int gy);
/// Requests a factory given a preset extension type
/// \param extension a string denoting the preset suffix type
/// \throws PresetFactoryException if the extension is unhandled
/// \returns a valid preset factory associated with the extension
PresetFactory & factory (const std::string & extension);
/// Tests if an extension has been registered with a factory
/// \param extension the file name extension to verify
/// \returns true if a factory exists, false otherwise
bool extensionHandled (const std::string & extension) const;
mutable std::map<std::string, PresetFactory *> _factoryMap;
mutable std::vector<PresetFactory *> _factoryList;
int _gx, _gy;
volatile bool initialized;
void registerFactory (const std::string & extension, PresetFactory * factory);