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New for version 1.1
* general performance improvements and improved video card compatability
* multi-threading during smooth preset switching
* pulse audio support
* Qt4 GUI implemented for playlist management and preset editing (jack / pulseaudio only)
New for versoin 1.01
* Bugfixes
New for version 1.00
This release includes months of refactoring. The code changes are immense. The list below does not even begin to explain the amount of upheaval that has occured.
*Smooth Preset Switching
*OpenGL Framebuffer Objects (sharper rendering)
*PerPixel Warp effect added
*Custom Shape Texturing via Images (imageURL property)
*Serious Parser/Evaluator improvements for better .milk Compatability
*projectM-engine can render to a texture instead of the framebuffer (see projectM-test/projectM-test-texture.cpp)
*projectM-engine, projectM-xmms, projectM-jack, and projectM-test build system converted to CMake
*3D Song title animation
*New Configuration File (more options, more flexible)
New for version 0.99
*config file now saved at ~/.projectM/config
*internal rendering coordinate spaces corrected. (basically, I made some stupid decisions a long time ago, and just fixed them now)
*xmms plugins close properly via window decorations
*mouse cursor hidden in xmms-projectM during fullscreen
*menus should resize relative to the screen size now
*Fixed numerous compilation bugs
*when the player changes to a new song, libprojectM will zoom in the title for a few seconds, then blend the title into the vis (ala milkdrop), if the player support sending the title to libprojectM (only xmms-projectM now)
New for version 0.98
*projectM has been refactored into a shared library called libprojectM.
-Now compiles as C++ (even though 99% of the code is C)
*libvisual-projectM now supports libvisual 0.4.0
*Preset library updated (~150 new, ~25 removed)
*Improved Rendering Engine
-rewrote per pixel mathematics
-fixed waveforms 0, 1, and 4
-fixed Order of drawing (Vectors, Custom Shapes, Custom Waves, Waveform, Borders)
-fixed custom shape rotation and texture parameter bugs
-added support for the bDarkenCenter feature
-added pbuffer support (however, you can't use it yet)
-improved motion vectors when using pbuffers
*Improved .milk Parser
-corrected behavior of frame, wave, and shape init_eqns
-fixed bug with multiple equations on one line
*Menu/Help/Display System Improvements
-Replaced GLF with FTGL (TrueType) fonts.
-Added the solarize, brighten, darken, and invert filters to the post-processing menu
-(F4) new Rendering stats display
-(F5) Framerate display fixed
*New Framerate limiter
*n0dalus contributed some autotools patches.
*Chris Byrne of Monstavision contributed:
-3 Memory Leak fixes!
-Performance improvements during PCM input
-Preset index code rewritten to allow presets to be added while projectM is running
*Hai Zaar helped us clean up the autotools stuff
-Presets/fonts will be stored in $DATADIR/projectM/fonts and /presets
-The config file will be stored in $SYSCONFDIR/projectM
-By default DATADIR is $PREFIX/share and SYSCONFDIR is $PREFIX/etc
so we reccomend you run configure like so:
./configure --sysconfdir=/etc