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#ifndef __FTExtrdGlyph__
#define __FTExtrdGlyph__
#include <ft2build.h>
#include FT_FREETYPE_H
#include FT_GLYPH_H
#include "FTGL.h"
#include "FTGlyph.h"
class FTVectoriser;
* FTExtrdGlyph is a specialisation of FTGlyph for creating tessellated
* extruded polygon glyphs.
* @see FTGlyphContainer
* @see FTVectoriser
class FTGL_EXPORT FTExtrdGlyph : public FTGlyph
* Constructor. Sets the Error to Invalid_Outline if the glyph isn't an outline.
* @param glyph The Freetype glyph to be processed
* @param depth The distance along the z axis to extrude the glyph
* @param useDisplayList Enable or disable the use of Display Lists for this glyph
* <code>true</code> turns ON display lists.
* <code>false</code> turns OFF display lists.
FTExtrdGlyph( FT_GlyphSlot glyph, float depth, bool useDisplayList);
* Destructor
virtual ~FTExtrdGlyph();
* Renders this glyph at the current pen position.
* @param pen The current pen position.
* @return The advance distance for this glyph.
virtual const FTPoint& Render( const FTPoint& pen);
* Calculate the normal vector to 2 points. This is 2D and ignores
* the z component. The normal will be normalised
* @param a
* @param b
* @return
FTPoint GetNormal( const FTPoint &a, const FTPoint &b);
* OpenGL display list
GLuint glList;
#endif // __FTExtrdGlyph__