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#ifndef _WINSTUB_H_
#define _WINSTUB_H_
#include <net-snmp/types.h>
#if (defined(WIN32) || defined(cygwin))
* database access functions for host, services, protocols, networks
* sets can open. ends must close.
void sethostent(int stay_open);
void setservent(int stay_open);
void setprotoent(int stay_open);
void setnetent(int stay_open);
void endhostent(void);
void endservent(void);
void endprotoent(void);
void endnetent(void);
* get next entry from data base file, or from NIS if possible.
* returns 0 if there are no more entries to read.
struct hostent *gethostent(void);
struct servent *getservent(void);
struct protoent *getprotoent(void);
struct netent *getnetent(void);
struct netent *getnetbyaddr(long net, int type);
* Return the network number from an internet address
u_long inet_netof(struct in_addr in);
* Return the host number from an internet address
u_long inet_lnaof(struct in_addr in);
#endif /* WIN32 or cygwin */
#endif /*_WINSTUB_H_ */