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/* Portions of this file are subject to the following copyright(s). See
* the Net-SNMP's COPYING file for more details and other copyrights
* that may apply:
* Portions of this file are copyrighted by:
* Copyright © 2003 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
* Use is subject to license terms specified in the COPYING file
* distributed with the Net-SNMP package.
#include <net-snmp/net-snmp-config.h>
#include <net-snmp/net-snmp-features.h>
#include <net-snmp/net-snmp-includes.h>
#include <net-snmp/agent/net-snmp-agent-includes.h>
#include <net-snmp/agent/mode_end_call.h>
netsnmp_feature_child_of(mode_end_call, mib_helpers)
/** @defgroup mode_end_call mode_end_call
* At the end of a series of requests, call another handler hook.
* Handlers that want to loop through a series of requests and then
* receive a callback at the end of a particular MODE can use this
* helper to make this possible. For most modules, this is not
* needed as the handler itself could perform a for() loop around the
* request list and then perform its actions afterwards. However, if
* something like the serialize helper is in use this isn't possible
* because not all the requests for a given handler are being passed
* downward in a single group. Thus, this helper *must* be added
* above other helpers like the serialize helper to be useful.
* Multiple mode specific handlers can be registered and will be
* called in the order they were regestered in. Callbacks regesterd
* with a mode of NETSNMP_MODE_END_ALL_MODES will be called for all
* modes.
* @ingroup utilities
* @{
/** returns a mode_end_call handler that can be injected into a given
* handler chain.
* @param endlist The callback list for the handler to make use of.
* @return An injectable Net-SNMP handler.
netsnmp_mib_handler *
netsnmp_get_mode_end_call_handler(netsnmp_mode_handler_list *endlist)
netsnmp_mib_handler *me =
if (!me)
return NULL;
me->myvoid = endlist;
return me;
/** adds a mode specific callback to the callback list.
* @param endlist the information structure for the mode_end_call helper. Can be NULL to create a new list.
* @param mode the mode to be called upon. A mode of NETSNMP_MODE_END_ALL_MODES = all modes.
* @param callbackh the netsnmp_mib_handler callback to call.
* @return the new registration information list upon success.
netsnmp_mode_handler_list *
netsnmp_mode_end_call_add_mode_callback(netsnmp_mode_handler_list *endlist,
int mode,
netsnmp_mib_handler *callbackh) {
netsnmp_mode_handler_list *ptr, *ptr2;
ptr = SNMP_MALLOC_TYPEDEF(netsnmp_mode_handler_list);
if (!ptr)
return NULL;
ptr->mode = mode;
ptr->callback_handler = callbackh;
ptr->next = NULL;
if (!endlist)
return ptr;
/* get to end */
for(ptr2 = endlist; ptr2->next != NULL; ptr2 = ptr2->next);
ptr2->next = ptr;
return endlist;
/** @internal Implements the mode_end_call handler */
netsnmp_mode_end_call_helper(netsnmp_mib_handler *handler,
netsnmp_handler_registration *reginfo,
netsnmp_agent_request_info *reqinfo,
netsnmp_request_info *requests)
int ret;
int ret2 = SNMP_ERR_NOERROR;
netsnmp_mode_handler_list *ptr;
/* always call the real handlers first */
ret = netsnmp_call_next_handler(handler, reginfo, reqinfo,
/* then call the callback handlers */
for (ptr = (netsnmp_mode_handler_list*)handler->myvoid; ptr; ptr = ptr->next) {
if (ptr->mode == NETSNMP_MODE_END_ALL_MODES ||
reqinfo->mode == ptr->mode) {
ret2 = netsnmp_call_handler(ptr->callback_handler, reginfo,
reqinfo, requests);
if (ret != SNMP_ERR_NOERROR)
ret = ret2;
return ret2;
/** @} */