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enhance make test
implement v2 traps and v3 inform requests.
solidify/enhance the V3 api
handle TCP sessions
See that informative strings are returned and the the error number is
useful in all cases. (need to set $! for errors where a session is not
returned (failed engineId discovery, memory alloc error, failed key
PC and other unix builds - any platform issues
building with shared libs
ensure module does not complain with -w.
enhance async api so that a boolean false return from a callback exits
the MainLoop
enhance async api to store a reference to the perl SNMP::Sesion object
for 2 reasons: 1) if the initial calling session goes out of scope we
won't destroy the C-struct session until the callback is called. 2) it
allows us to set error codes in the perl SNMP::Session object
see if new async hooks play with
handle dynamic changes to Session parameters, perhaps tie Error* to
snmp_session struct rather than current duplicate representation.
make the parsed mib interface $SNMP::MIB writable
allow unloading and reinitialization of parsed MIB
attach to libucdagent - provide agent functionality
look for *Not Implemeted* and implement :)