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The AnyData::SNMP module is really an augmentation to Jeff Zucker's
excellent perl AnyData and DBD::AnyData modules. It is designed to
allow the infamous perl DBI module to translate SQL commands directly
into network SNMP requests and to manipulate the data in perl
afterward. See the perl DBI documentation for further details, as
well as the AnyData documentation.
The netsh command then implements a standard shell around the sql to
SNMP mapping, such that commands like the following are possible:
netsh -c public localhost 'select ifIndex, ifDescr, ifType from ifTable'
netsh -c public localhost 'update ifTable set ifAdminStatus = 2 where ifType = 6'
Without a command to run, netsh puts you into an interactive shell
where the commands can be typed at a command prompt.
See the INSTALL file for the necessary prerequisites. Note that this
currently makes use of a patched copy of the DBD::AnyData module.
This will be fixed in future versions of both this module and the
DBD::AnyData module as the authors worth toward a common