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This directory contains support files for HP-OpenView. Some of the
files need to be built and depend on the config.h and sedscript files
in the top level source directory. You should, therefore, run 'make'
before installing these files. Installation is by hand, since I don't
want to be responsible for messing up your OpenView configuration.
If you install all these files properly, then do a 'ovstop', an
'ovstart', an 'ovw -fields', and an 'ovw -verify' you should start
seeing new icons appear for all ucd-snmp controlled packages. If they
don't appear immediately, its probably because OV's netmon process
hasn't changed the symbol ID for it yet. You can test a specific host
by selecting it and then doing a
'Diagnose/Network Connectivity/Demand Poll' on it from ovw.
oid_to_sym: Translates sysObjectID results to OV icon types.
- Append this to /etc/opt/OV/share/conf/C/oid_to_sym
- Optionally replace Computer:UCD with Computer:Workstation if you
don't want to install the bitmaps.
oid_to_type: Translates sysObjectID results to OV description strings
- Append this to /etc/opt/OV/share/conf/oid_to_type
UCD-fields: Adds the UCD agent types to the "SNMPAgent" OpenView field.
- Copy to /etc/opt/OV/share/fields/C/
UCD-Computer: OV Computer Class additions
- Copy to /etc/opt/OV/share/symbols/C/
bitmaps/*: Bitmaps/Icons for ovw
- Copy the contents of the directory to /etc/opt/OV/share/bitmaps/C/computer/