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This directory contains modified crypto code from OpenSSL
1.0.0.beta5. Please see the OpenSSL license from that release in the
OPENSSL-LICENSE which will apply if this code is selected.
Net-SNMP may be compiled with this code using the
--with-openssl=internal flag to the configure command line.
Note: It is generally a better idea to link with the latest OpenSSL
library rather than rely on this internal support, as the latest
OpenSSL code may contain important security or other fixes that may
not have been incorporated into this snapshot. Small device vendors,
however, have requested a stripped down version of the OpenSSL
cryptography code in order to shrink their memory footprint and this
feature provides such support.
Note also that the new SNMP over DTLS, SNMP over TLS support also
available in Net-SNMP 5.6 and beyond is incompatible with the internal
version of the OpenSSL support since SNMP over (D)TLS requires the
full TLS support available in OpenSSL.