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About the MIBS distributed with Net-SNMP.
This directory contains a very basic set of MIB files, ready for use.
In addition, there are some scripts and table files to help you get a
fuller collection of MIB files.
smistrip - a script that can extract a MIB file from an RFC (or I-D)
mibfetch - a script that will fetch an RFC file from a mirror, and extract
the hosted MIB from it. It assumes that you have wget installed.
rfclist - a list of RFC numbers and corresponding MIB name(s)
ianalist - a list of files at the IANA server that holds IANA maintained
Makefile.mib - rules for extracting current MIB files from RFC and IANA
rfcmibs.diff - a set of required patches for MIB files extracted from RFCs
The file Makefile.mib holds rules that fetch and extract MIB files from
their hosting RFCs. Make will use wget to retrieve the RFC files, and,
as I am located in Denmark, use the RFC mirror at NORDUnet. You may change
that at the top of Makefile.mib.
Makefile.mib also holds rules that will collect all the current IETF MIB
definitions, using the lists in rfclist and ianalist. To get them all,
make -f Makefile.mib allmibs
Note, that there are a few fatal syntactic errors in some of the RFC
definitions. To make them all parse successfully with the Net-SNMP parser,
you should apply the patches in the file rfcmibs.diff. These patches are
typical for the problems that are commonly seen with MIB files from various
- forgetting to import enterprises/mib-2/transmission from SNMPv2-SMI
- thinking that a -- comment ends at end-of-line, not at the next --
- using _ in identifiers. A - may be used in its place
- various misspellings
There is a short-cut rule
make -f Makefile.mib rfc
that will also apply the patches. Note that Makefile.mib and smistrip has
configurable versions of awk and patch. If you are running Solaris you
must set these to nawk and gpatch respectively.
DISCLAIMER: The patches provided here for the IETF standard MIB files
are not endorsed by anyone, and I don't guarantee that they bring them
accordance with what the authors intended. All I will promise, is that
the MIB files can be parsed.