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20090601 - r19025 - lavc 52.30.0 - av_lockmgr_register()
av_lockmgr_register() can be used to register a callback function
that lavc (and in the future, libraries that depend on lavc) can use
to implement mutexes. The application should provide a callback function
the implements the AV_LOCK_* operations described in avcodec.h.
When the lock manager is registered FFmpeg is guaranteed to behave
correct also in a multi-threaded application.
20090301 - r17682 - lavf 52.31.0 - Generic metadata API
This version introduce a new metadata API (see av_metadata_get() and friends).
The old API is now deprecated and shouldn't be used anymore. This especially
include the following structure fields:
- AVFormatContext.title
- AVFormatContext.copyright
- AVFormatContext.comment
- AVFormatContext.album
- AVFormatContext.year
- AVFormatContext.track
- AVFormatContext.genre
- AVStream.language
- AVStream.filename
- AVProgram.provider_name
- AVChapter.title