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ffmpeg TODO list:
Fabrice's TODO list: (unordered)
Short term:
- use AVFMTCTX_DISCARD_PKT in ffplay so that DV has a chance to work
- add RTSP regression test (both client and server)
- make ffserver allocate AVFormatContext
- clean up (incompatible change, for 0.5.0):
* AVStream -> AVComponent
* AVFormatContext -> AVInputStream/AVOutputStream
* suppress rate_emu from AVCodecContext
- add new float/integer audio filterting and conversion : suppress
- fix telecine and frame rate conversion
Long term (ask me if you want to help):
- commit new imgconvert API and new PIX_FMT_xxx alpha formats
- commit new LGPL'ed float and integer-only AC3 decoder
- add WMA integer-only decoder
- add new MPEG4-AAC audio decoder (both integer-only and float version)
Michael's TODO list: (unordered) (if anyone wanna help with sth, just ask)
- optimize H264 CABAC
- more optimizations
- simper rate control
Francois' TODO list: (unordered, without any timeframe)
- test MACE decoder against the openquicktime one as suggested by A'rpi
- BeOS audio input grabbing backend
- BeOS video input grabbing backend
- publish my BeOS libposix on BeBits so I can officially support ffserver :)
- check the whole code for thread-safety (global and init stuff)
Philip'a TODO list: (alphabetically ordered) (please help)
- Add a multi-ffm filetype so that feeds can be recorded into multiple files rather
than one big file.
- Authenticated users support -- where the authentication is in the URL
- Change ASF files so that the embedded timestamp in the frames is right rather
than being an offset from the start of the stream
- Make ffm files more resilient to changes in the codec structures so that you
can play old ffm files.
Baptiste's TODO list:
- mov edit list support (AVEditList)
- YUV 10 bit per component support "2vuy"
- mxf muxer
- mpeg2 non linear quantizer
unassigned TODO: (unordered)
- use AVFrame for audio codecs too
- rework aviobuf.c buffering strategy and fix url_fskip
- generate optimal huffman tables for mjpeg encoding
- fix ffserver regression tests
- support xvids motion estimation
- support x264s motion estimation
- support x264s rate control
- SNOW: non translational motion compensation
- SNOW: more optimal quantization
- SNOW: 4x4 block support
- SNOW: 1/8 pel motion compensation support
- SNOW: iterative motion estimation based on subsampled images
- SNOW: try B frames and MCTF and see how their PSNR/bitrate/complexity behaves
- SNOW: try to use the wavelet transformed MC-ed reference frame as context for the entropy coder
- SNOW: think about/analyize how to make snow use multiple cpus/threads
- SNOW: finish spec
- FLAC: lossy encoding (viterbi and naive scalar quantization)
- libavfilter
- JPEG2000 decoder & encoder
- MPEG4 GMC encoding support
- macroblock based pixel format (better cache locality, somewhat complex, one paper claimed it faster for high res)
- regression tests for codecs which do not have an encoder (I+P-frame bitstream in svn)
- add support for using mplayers video filters to ffmpeg
- H264 encoder
- per MB ratecontrol (so VCD and such do work better)
- replace/rewrite libavcodec/fdctref.c
- write a script which iteratively changes all functions between always_inline and noinline and benchmarks the result to find the best set of inlined functions
- convert all the non SIMD asm into small asm vs. C testcases and submit them to the gcc devels so they can improve gcc
- generic audio mixing API
- extract PES packetizer from PS muxer and use it for new TS muxer
- implement automatic AVBistreamFilter activation
- make cabac encoder use bytestream (see
- merge imdct and windowing, the current code does considerable amounts of redundant work