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Never assume the API of libav* to be stable unless at least 1 week has passed since
the last major version increase.
The last version increases were:
libavcodec: ?
libavdevice: ?
libavfilter: ?
libavformat: ?
libpostproc: ?
libswscale: ?
libavutil: 2009-03-08
API changes, most recent first:
2009-03-21 - r18116 - lavu 50.2.0 - av_random*
The Mersenne Twister PRNG implemented through the av_random* functions
was removed. Use the lagged Fibonacci PRNG through the av_lfg* functions
2009-03-08 - r17869 - lavu 50.0.0 - AVFifoBuffer
av_fifo_init, av_fifo_read, av_fifo_write and av_fifo_realloc were dropped
and replaced by av_fifo_alloc, av_fifo_generic_read, av_fifo_generic_write
and av_fifo_realloc2.
In addition, the order of the function arguments of av_fifo_generic_read
were changed to match av_fifo_generic_write.
The AVFifoBuffer/struct AVFifoBuffer may only be used in an opaque way by
applications, they may not use sizeof() or directly access members.
2009-03-01 - r17682 - lavf 52.31.0 - Generic metadata API
Introduce a new metadata API (see av_metadata_get() and friends).
The old API is now deprecated and should not be used anymore. This especially
includes the following structure fields:
- AVFormatContext.title
- AVFormatContext.copyright
- AVFormatContext.comment
- AVFormatContext.album
- AVFormatContext.year
- AVFormatContext.track
- AVFormatContext.genre
- AVStream.language
- AVStream.filename
- AVProgram.provider_name
- AVChapter.title