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set -e
# Create the dnsmasq user in dnsmasq-base, so that Dbus doesn't complain.
# create a user to run as (code stolen from dovecot-common)
if [ "$1" = "configure" ]; then
if [ -z "`id -u dnsmasq 2> /dev/null`" ]; then
adduser --system --home /var/lib/misc --gecos "dnsmasq" \
--no-create-home --disabled-password \
--quiet dnsmasq || true
# Make the directory where we keep the pid file - this
# has to be owned by "dnsmasq" so that the file can be unlinked.
# This is only actually used by the dnsmasq binary package, not
# dnsmasq-base, but it's much easier to create it here so that
# we don't have synchronisation issues with the creation of the
# dnsmasq user.
if [ ! -d /var/run/dnsmasq ]; then
mkdir /var/run/dnsmasq
chown dnsmasq:nogroup /var/run/dnsmasq