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# Download the list of company IDs from and generate a diff which
# can be applied to source tree to update bt_compidtostr(). Usage:
# 1) ./tools/ | git apply -p0
# 2) Inspect changes to make sure they are sane
# 3) git commit -m "lib: Update list of company identifiers" lib/bluetooth.c
# Requires html2text:
set -e -u
tmpdir=$(mktemp -d)
trap "rm -rf $tmpdir" EXIT
mkdir $tmpdir/lib
cp lib/bluetooth.c $tmpdir/lib/bluetooth.c.orig
cp lib/bluetooth.c $tmpdir/lib/bluetooth.c
cd $tmpdir
echo -e 'const char *bt_compidtostr(int compid)\n{\n\tswitch (compid) {' > new.c
# Use "iconv -c" to strip unwanted unicode characters
curl --insecure$path | \
$scriptdir/tools/ >> new.c
if ! grep -q "return \"" new.c; then
echo "ERROR: could not parse company IDs from" >&2
exit 1
echo -e '\tcase 65535:\n\t\treturn "internal use";' >> new.c
echo -e '\tdefault:\n\t\treturn "not assigned";\n\t}\n}' >> new.c
sed -n '/^const char \*bt_compidtostr(int compid)/,/^}/p' \
lib/bluetooth.c > old.c
diff -Naur old.c new.c | patch -sp0 lib/bluetooth.c
diff -Naur lib/bluetooth.c.orig lib/bluetooth.c