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OBEX D-Bus Agent API description
Agent Manager hierarchy
Service org.bluez.obex
Interface org.bluez.obex.AgentManager1
Object path /org/bluez/obex
Methods void RegisterAgent(object agent)
Register an agent to request authorization of
the user to accept/reject objects. Object push
service needs to authorize each received object.
Possible errors: org.bluez.obex.Error.AlreadyExists
void UnregisterAgent(object agent)
This unregisters the agent that has been previously
registered. The object path parameter must match the
same value that has been used on registration.
Possible errors: org.bluez.obex.Error.DoesNotExist
Agent hierarchy
Service unique name
Interface org.bluez.obex.Agent1
Object path freely definable
Methods void Release()
This method gets called when the service daemon
unregisters the agent. An agent can use it to do
cleanup tasks. There is no need to unregister the
agent, because when this method gets called it has
already been unregistered.
string AuthorizePush(object transfer)
This method gets called when the service daemon
needs to accept/reject a Bluetooth object push request.
Returns the full path (including the filename) where
the object shall be stored. The tranfer object will
contain a Filename property that contains the default
location and name that can be returned.
Possible errors: org.bluez.obex.Error.Rejected
void Cancel()
This method gets called to indicate that the agent
request failed before a reply was returned. It cancels
the previous request.