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BlueZ D-Bus LE Advertising API Description
Advertising packets are structured data which is broadcast on the LE Advertising
channels and available for all devices in range. Because of the limited space
available in LE Advertising packets (31 bytes), each packet's contents must be
carefully controlled.
BlueZ acts as a store for the Advertisement Data which is meant to be sent.
It constructs the correct Advertisement Data from the structured
data and configured the kernel to send the correct advertisement.
Advertisement Data objects are registered freely and then referenced by BlueZ
when constructing the data sent to the kernel.
LE Advertisement Data hierarchy
Specifies the Advertisement Data to be broadcast and some advertising
parameters. Properties which are not present will not be included in the
data. Required advertisement data types will always be included.
All UUIDs are 128-bit versions in the API, and 16 or 32-bit
versions of the same UUID will be used in the advertising data as appropriate.
Service org.bluez
Interface org.bluez.LEAdvertisement1
Object path freely definable
Methods void Release() [noreply]
This method gets called when the service daemon
removes the Advertisement. A client can use it to do
cleanup tasks. There is no need to call
UnregisterAdvertisement because when this method gets
called it has already been unregistered.
Properties string Type
Determines the type of advertising packet requested.
Possible values: "broadcast" or "peripheral"
array{string} ServiceUUIDs
List of UUIDs to include in the "Service UUID" field of
the Advertising Data.
dict ManufacturerData
Manufactuer Data fields to include in
the Advertising Data. Keys are the Manufacturer ID
to associate with the data.
array{string} SolicitUUIDs
Array of UUIDs to include in "Service Solicitation"
Advertisement Data.
dict ServiceData
Service Data elements to include. The keys are the
UUID to associate with the data.
bool IncludeTxPower
Includes the Tx Power in the advertising packet.
If missing, the Tx Power is not included.
LE Advertising Manager hierarchy
The Advertising Manager allows external applications to register Advertisement
Data which should be broadcast to devices. Advertisement Data elements must
follow the API for LE Advertisement Data described above.
Service org.bluez
Interface org.bluez.LEAdvertisingManager1 [Experimental]
Object path /org/bluez/{hci0,hci1,...}
Methods RegisterAdvertisement(object advertisement, dict options)
Registers an advertisement object to be sent over the LE
Advertising channel. The service must be exported
under interface LEAdvertisement1. InvalidArguments
indicates that the object has invalid or conflicting
properties. InvalidLength indicates that the data
provided generates a data packet which is too long.
The properties of this object are parser when it is
registered, and any changes are ignored.
Currently only one advertisement at a time is supported,
attempting to register two advertisements will result in
an AlreadyExists error.
Possible errors: org.bluez.Error.InvalidArguments
UnregisterAdvertisement(object advertisement)
This unregisters an advertisement that has been
prevously registered. The object path parameter must
match the same value that has been used on registration.
Possible errors: org.bluez.Error.InvalidArguments