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* tveeprom - Contains structures and functions to work with Hauppauge
* eeproms.
#include <linux/if_ether.h>
* enum tveeprom_audio_processor - Specifies the type of audio processor
* used on a Hauppauge device.
* @TVEEPROM_AUDPROC_NONE: No audio processor present
* @TVEEPROM_AUDPROC_INTERNAL: The audio processor is internal to the
* video processor
* @TVEEPROM_AUDPROC_MSP: The audio processor is a MSPXXXX device
* @TVEEPROM_AUDPROC_OTHER: The audio processor is another device
enum tveeprom_audio_processor {
* struct tveeprom - Contains the fields parsed from Hauppauge eeproms
* @has_radio: 1 if the device has radio; 0 otherwise.
* @has_ir: If has_ir == 0, then it is unknown what the IR
* capabilities are. Otherwise:
* bit 0) 1 (= IR capabilities are known);
* bit 1) IR receiver present;
* bit 2) IR transmitter (blaster) present.
* @has_MAC_address: 0: no MAC, 1: MAC present, 2: unknown.
* @tuner_type: type of the tuner (TUNER_*, as defined at
* include/media/tuner.h).
* @tuner_formats: Supported analog TV standards (V4L2_STD_*).
* @tuner_hauppauge_model: Hauppauge's code for the device model number.
* @tuner2_type: type of the second tuner (TUNER_*, as defined
* at include/media/tuner.h).
* @tuner2_formats: Tuner 2 supported analog TV standards
* (V4L2_STD_*).
* @tuner2_hauppauge_model: tuner 2 Hauppauge's code for the device model
* number.
* @audio_processor: analog audio decoder, as defined by enum
* tveeprom_audio_processor.
* @decoder_processor: Hauppauge's code for the decoder chipset.
* Unused by the drivers, as they probe the
* decoder based on the PCI or USB ID.
* @model: Hauppauge's model number
* @revision: Card revision number
* @serial_number: Card's serial number
* @rev_str: Card revision converted to number
* @MAC_address: MAC address for the network interface
struct tveeprom {
u32 has_radio;
u32 has_ir;
u32 has_MAC_address;
u32 tuner_type;
u32 tuner_formats;
u32 tuner_hauppauge_model;
u32 tuner2_type;
u32 tuner2_formats;
u32 tuner2_hauppauge_model;
u32 audio_processor;
u32 decoder_processor;
u32 model;
u32 revision;
u32 serial_number;
char rev_str[5];
u8 MAC_address[ETH_ALEN];
* tveeprom_hauppauge_analog - Fill struct tveeprom using the contents
* of the eeprom previously filled at
* @eeprom_data field.
* @c: I2C client struct
* @tvee: Struct to where the eeprom parsed data will be filled;
* @eeprom_data: Array with the contents of the eeprom_data. It should
* contain 256 bytes filled with the contents of the
* eeprom read from the Hauppauge device.
void tveeprom_hauppauge_analog(struct i2c_client *c, struct tveeprom *tvee,
unsigned char *eeprom_data);
* tveeprom_read - Reads the contents of the eeprom found at the Hauppauge
* devices.
* @c: I2C client struct
* @eedata: Array where the eeprom content will be stored.
* @len: Size of @eedata array. If the eeprom content will be latter
* be parsed by tveeprom_hauppauge_analog(), len should be, at
* least, 256.
int tveeprom_read(struct i2c_client *c, unsigned char *eedata, int len);