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Copyright (C) 2009 Ivo van Doorn <>
Copyright (C) 2009 Mattias Nissler <>
Copyright (C) 2009 Felix Fietkau <>
Copyright (C) 2009 Xose Vazquez Perez <>
Copyright (C) 2009 Axel Kollhofer <>
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
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Module: rt2800usb
Abstract: Data structures and registers for the rt2800usb module.
Supported chipsets: RT2800U.
#ifndef RT2800USB_H
#define RT2800USB_H
* 8051 firmware image.
#define FIRMWARE_RT2870 "rt2870.bin"
#define FIRMWARE_IMAGE_BASE 0x3000
* DMA descriptor defines.
#define TXINFO_DESC_SIZE (1 * sizeof(__le32))
#define RXINFO_DESC_SIZE (1 * sizeof(__le32))
* TX Info structure
* Word0
* WIV: Wireless Info Valid. 1: Driver filled WI, 0: DMA needs to copy WI
* QSEL: Select on-chip FIFO ID for 2nd-stage output scheduler.
* USB_DMA_NEXT_VALID: Used ONLY in USB bulk Aggregation, NextValid
* DMA_TX_BURST: used ONLY in USB bulk Aggregation.
* Force USB DMA transmit frame from current selected endpoint
#define TXINFO_W0_USB_DMA_TX_PKT_LEN FIELD32(0x0000ffff)
#define TXINFO_W0_WIV FIELD32(0x01000000)
#define TXINFO_W0_QSEL FIELD32(0x06000000)
#define TXINFO_W0_SW_USE_LAST_ROUND FIELD32(0x08000000)
#define TXINFO_W0_USB_DMA_NEXT_VALID FIELD32(0x40000000)
#define TXINFO_W0_USB_DMA_TX_BURST FIELD32(0x80000000)
* RX Info structure
* Word 0
#define RXINFO_W0_USB_DMA_RX_PKT_LEN FIELD32(0x0000ffff)
* RX descriptor format for RX Ring.
* Word0
* UNICAST_TO_ME: This RX frame is unicast to me.
* MULTICAST: This is a multicast frame.
* BROADCAST: This is a broadcast frame.
* MY_BSS: this frame belongs to the same BSSID.
* CRC_ERROR: CRC error.
* CIPHER_ERROR: 0: decryption okay, 1:ICV error, 2:MIC error, 3:KEY not valid.
* AMSDU: rx with 802.3 header, not 802.11 header.
#define RXD_W0_BA FIELD32(0x00000001)
#define RXD_W0_DATA FIELD32(0x00000002)
#define RXD_W0_NULLDATA FIELD32(0x00000004)
#define RXD_W0_FRAG FIELD32(0x00000008)
#define RXD_W0_UNICAST_TO_ME FIELD32(0x00000010)
#define RXD_W0_MULTICAST FIELD32(0x00000020)
#define RXD_W0_BROADCAST FIELD32(0x00000040)
#define RXD_W0_MY_BSS FIELD32(0x00000080)
#define RXD_W0_CRC_ERROR FIELD32(0x00000100)
#define RXD_W0_CIPHER_ERROR FIELD32(0x00000600)
#define RXD_W0_AMSDU FIELD32(0x00000800)
#define RXD_W0_HTC FIELD32(0x00001000)
#define RXD_W0_RSSI FIELD32(0x00002000)
#define RXD_W0_L2PAD FIELD32(0x00004000)
#define RXD_W0_AMPDU FIELD32(0x00008000)
#define RXD_W0_DECRYPTED FIELD32(0x00010000)
#define RXD_W0_PLCP_RSSI FIELD32(0x00020000)
#define RXD_W0_CIPHER_ALG FIELD32(0x00040000)
#define RXD_W0_LAST_AMSDU FIELD32(0x00080000)
#define RXD_W0_PLCP_SIGNAL FIELD32(0xfff00000)
#endif /* RT2800USB_H */