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* O(1) TX queue with built-in allocator for ST-Ericsson CW1200 drivers
* Copyright (c) 2010, ST-Ericsson
* Author: Dmitry Tarnyagin <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
/* private */ struct cw1200_queue_item;
/* extern */ struct sk_buff;
/* extern */ struct wsm_tx;
/* extern */ struct cw1200_common;
/* extern */ struct ieee80211_tx_queue_stats;
/* extern */ struct cw1200_txpriv;
/* forward */ struct cw1200_queue_stats;
typedef void (*cw1200_queue_skb_dtor_t)(struct cw1200_common *priv,
struct sk_buff *skb,
const struct cw1200_txpriv *txpriv);
struct cw1200_queue {
struct cw1200_queue_stats *stats;
size_t capacity;
size_t num_queued;
size_t num_pending;
size_t num_sent;
struct cw1200_queue_item *pool;
struct list_head queue;
struct list_head free_pool;
struct list_head pending;
int tx_locked_cnt;
int *link_map_cache;
bool overfull;
spinlock_t lock; /* Protect queue entry */
u8 queue_id;
u8 generation;
struct timer_list gc;
unsigned long ttl;
struct cw1200_queue_stats {
spinlock_t lock; /* Protect stats entry */
int *link_map_cache;
int num_queued;
size_t map_capacity;
wait_queue_head_t wait_link_id_empty;
cw1200_queue_skb_dtor_t skb_dtor;
struct cw1200_common *priv;
struct cw1200_txpriv {
u8 link_id;
u8 raw_link_id;
u8 tid;
u8 rate_id;
u8 offset;
int cw1200_queue_stats_init(struct cw1200_queue_stats *stats,
size_t map_capacity,
cw1200_queue_skb_dtor_t skb_dtor,
struct cw1200_common *priv);
int cw1200_queue_init(struct cw1200_queue *queue,
struct cw1200_queue_stats *stats,
u8 queue_id,
size_t capacity,
unsigned long ttl);
int cw1200_queue_clear(struct cw1200_queue *queue);
void cw1200_queue_stats_deinit(struct cw1200_queue_stats *stats);
void cw1200_queue_deinit(struct cw1200_queue *queue);
size_t cw1200_queue_get_num_queued(struct cw1200_queue *queue,
u32 link_id_map);
int cw1200_queue_put(struct cw1200_queue *queue,
struct sk_buff *skb,
struct cw1200_txpriv *txpriv);
int cw1200_queue_get(struct cw1200_queue *queue,
u32 link_id_map,
struct wsm_tx **tx,
struct ieee80211_tx_info **tx_info,
const struct cw1200_txpriv **txpriv);
int cw1200_queue_requeue(struct cw1200_queue *queue, u32 packet_id);
int cw1200_queue_requeue_all(struct cw1200_queue *queue);
int cw1200_queue_remove(struct cw1200_queue *queue,
u32 packet_id);
int cw1200_queue_get_skb(struct cw1200_queue *queue, u32 packet_id,
struct sk_buff **skb,
const struct cw1200_txpriv **txpriv);
void cw1200_queue_lock(struct cw1200_queue *queue);
void cw1200_queue_unlock(struct cw1200_queue *queue);
bool cw1200_queue_get_xmit_timestamp(struct cw1200_queue *queue,
unsigned long *timestamp,
u32 pending_frame_id);
bool cw1200_queue_stats_is_empty(struct cw1200_queue_stats *stats,
u32 link_id_map);
static inline u8 cw1200_queue_get_queue_id(u32 packet_id)
return (packet_id >> 16) & 0xFF;
static inline u8 cw1200_queue_get_generation(u32 packet_id)
return (packet_id >> 8) & 0xFF;
#endif /* CW1200_QUEUE_H_INCLUDED */