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* Common private data for ST-Ericsson CW1200 drivers
* Copyright (c) 2010, ST-Ericsson
* Author: Dmitry Tarnyagin <>
* Based on the mac80211 Prism54 code, which is
* Copyright (c) 2006, Michael Wu <>
* Based on the islsm (softmac prism54) driver, which is:
* Copyright 2004-2006 Jean-Baptiste Note <>, et al.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
#ifndef CW1200_H
#define CW1200_H
#include <linux/wait.h>
#include <linux/mutex.h>
#include <linux/workqueue.h>
#include <net/mac80211.h>
#include "queue.h"
#include "wsm.h"
#include "scan.h"
#include "txrx.h"
#include "pm.h"
/* Forward declarations */
struct hwbus_ops;
struct task_struct;
struct cw1200_debug_priv;
struct firmware;
#define CW1200_MAX_CTRL_FRAME_LEN (0x1000)
#define CW1200_MAX_STA_IN_AP_MODE (5)
#define CW1200_LINK_ID_UAPSD (CW1200_MAX_STA_IN_AP_MODE + 2)
#define CW1200_LINK_ID_MAX (CW1200_MAX_STA_IN_AP_MODE + 3)
#define CW1200_MAX_TID (8)
#define CW1200_BLOCK_ACK_CNT (30)
#define CW1200_BLOCK_ACK_THLD (800)
#define CW1200_BLOCK_ACK_HIST (3)
#define CW1200_JOIN_TIMEOUT (1 * HZ)
#define CW1200_AUTH_TIMEOUT (5 * HZ)
struct cw1200_ht_info {
struct ieee80211_sta_ht_cap ht_cap;
enum nl80211_channel_type channel_type;
u16 operation_mode;
/* Please keep order */
enum cw1200_join_status {
enum cw1200_link_status {
extern int cw1200_power_mode;
extern const char * const cw1200_fw_types[];
struct cw1200_link_entry {
unsigned long timestamp;
enum cw1200_link_status status;
enum cw1200_link_status prev_status;
u8 mac[ETH_ALEN];
u8 buffered[CW1200_MAX_TID];
struct sk_buff_head rx_queue;
struct cw1200_common {
/* interfaces to the rest of the stack */
struct ieee80211_hw *hw;
struct ieee80211_vif *vif;
struct device *pdev;
/* Statistics */
struct ieee80211_low_level_stats stats;
/* Our macaddr */
u8 mac_addr[ETH_ALEN];
/* Hardware interface */
const struct hwbus_ops *hwbus_ops;
struct hwbus_priv *hwbus_priv;
/* Hardware information */
enum {
} hw_type;
enum {
CW1200_HW_REV_CUT10 = 10,
CW1200_HW_REV_CUT11 = 11,
CW1200_HW_REV_CUT20 = 20,
CW1200_HW_REV_CUT22 = 22,
CW1X60_HW_REV = 40,
} hw_revision;
int hw_refclk;
bool hw_have_5ghz;
const struct firmware *sdd;
char *sdd_path;
struct cw1200_debug_priv *debug;
struct workqueue_struct *workqueue;
struct mutex conf_mutex;
struct cw1200_queue tx_queue[4];
struct cw1200_queue_stats tx_queue_stats;
int tx_burst_idx;
/* firmware/hardware info */
unsigned int tx_hdr_len;
/* Radio data */
int output_power;
/* BBP/MAC state */
struct ieee80211_rate *rates;
struct ieee80211_rate *mcs_rates;
struct ieee80211_channel *channel;
struct wsm_edca_params edca;
struct wsm_tx_queue_params tx_queue_params;
struct wsm_mib_association_mode association_mode;
struct wsm_set_bss_params bss_params;
struct cw1200_ht_info ht_info;
struct wsm_set_pm powersave_mode;
struct wsm_set_pm firmware_ps_mode;
int cqm_rssi_thold;
unsigned cqm_rssi_hyst;
bool cqm_use_rssi;
int cqm_beacon_loss_count;
int channel_switch_in_progress;
wait_queue_head_t channel_switch_done;
u8 long_frame_max_tx_count;
u8 short_frame_max_tx_count;
int mode;
bool enable_beacon;
int beacon_int;
bool listening;
struct wsm_rx_filter rx_filter;
struct wsm_mib_multicast_filter multicast_filter;
bool has_multicast_subscription;
bool disable_beacon_filter;
struct work_struct update_filtering_work;
struct work_struct set_beacon_wakeup_period_work;
u8 ba_rx_tid_mask;
u8 ba_tx_tid_mask;
struct cw1200_pm_state pm_state;
struct wsm_p2p_ps_modeinfo p2p_ps_modeinfo;
struct wsm_uapsd_info uapsd_info;
bool setbssparams_done;
bool bt_present;
u8 conf_listen_interval;
u32 listen_interval;
u32 erp_info;
u32 rts_threshold;
/* BH */
atomic_t bh_rx;
atomic_t bh_tx;
atomic_t bh_term;
atomic_t bh_suspend;
struct workqueue_struct *bh_workqueue;
struct work_struct bh_work;
int bh_error;
wait_queue_head_t bh_wq;
wait_queue_head_t bh_evt_wq;
u8 buf_id_tx;
u8 buf_id_rx;
u8 wsm_rx_seq;
u8 wsm_tx_seq;
int hw_bufs_used;
bool powersave_enabled;
bool device_can_sleep;
/* Scan status */
struct cw1200_scan scan;
/* Keep cw1200 awake (WUP = 1) 1 second after each scan to avoid
* FW issue with sleeping/waking up.
atomic_t recent_scan;
struct delayed_work clear_recent_scan_work;
/* WSM */
struct wsm_startup_ind wsm_caps;
struct mutex wsm_cmd_mux;
struct wsm_buf wsm_cmd_buf;
struct wsm_cmd wsm_cmd;
wait_queue_head_t wsm_cmd_wq;
wait_queue_head_t wsm_startup_done;
int firmware_ready;
atomic_t tx_lock;
/* WSM debug */
int wsm_enable_wsm_dumps;
/* WSM Join */
enum cw1200_join_status join_status;
u32 pending_frame_id;
bool join_pending;
struct delayed_work join_timeout;
struct work_struct unjoin_work;
struct work_struct join_complete_work;
int join_complete_status;
int join_dtim_period;
bool delayed_unjoin;
/* TX/RX and security */
s8 wep_default_key_id;
struct work_struct wep_key_work;
u32 key_map;
struct wsm_add_key keys[WSM_KEY_MAX_INDEX + 1];
/* AP powersave */
u32 link_id_map;
struct cw1200_link_entry link_id_db[CW1200_MAX_STA_IN_AP_MODE];
struct work_struct link_id_work;
struct delayed_work link_id_gc_work;
u32 sta_asleep_mask;
u32 pspoll_mask;
bool aid0_bit_set;
spinlock_t ps_state_lock; /* Protect power save state */
bool buffered_multicasts;
bool tx_multicast;
struct work_struct set_tim_work;
struct work_struct set_cts_work;
struct work_struct multicast_start_work;
struct work_struct multicast_stop_work;
struct timer_list mcast_timeout;
/* WSM events and CQM implementation */
spinlock_t event_queue_lock; /* Protect event queue */
struct list_head event_queue;
struct work_struct event_handler;
struct delayed_work bss_loss_work;
spinlock_t bss_loss_lock; /* Protect BSS loss state */
int bss_loss_state;
u32 bss_loss_confirm_id;
int delayed_link_loss;
struct work_struct bss_params_work;
/* TX rate policy cache */
struct tx_policy_cache tx_policy_cache;
struct work_struct tx_policy_upload_work;
/* legacy PS mode switch in suspend */
int ps_mode_switch_in_progress;
wait_queue_head_t ps_mode_switch_done;
/* Workaround for WFD testcase 6.1.10*/
struct work_struct linkid_reset_work;
u8 action_frame_sa[ETH_ALEN];
u8 action_linkid;
struct cw1200_sta_priv {
int link_id;
/* interfaces for the drivers */
int cw1200_core_probe(const struct hwbus_ops *hwbus_ops,
struct hwbus_priv *hwbus,
struct device *pdev,
struct cw1200_common **pself,
int ref_clk, const u8 *macaddr,
const char *sdd_path, bool have_5ghz);
void cw1200_core_release(struct cw1200_common *self);
#define FWLOAD_BLOCK_SIZE (1024)
static inline int cw1200_is_ht(const struct cw1200_ht_info *ht_info)
return ht_info->channel_type != NL80211_CHAN_NO_HT;
static inline int cw1200_ht_greenfield(const struct cw1200_ht_info *ht_info)
return cw1200_is_ht(ht_info) &&
(ht_info->ht_cap.cap & IEEE80211_HT_CAP_GRN_FLD) &&
!(ht_info->operation_mode &
static inline int cw1200_ht_ampdu_density(const struct cw1200_ht_info *ht_info)
if (!cw1200_is_ht(ht_info))
return 0;
return ht_info->ht_cap.ampdu_density;
#endif /* CW1200_H */