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#ifndef B43_LO_H_
#define B43_LO_H_
/* G-PHY Local Oscillator */
#include "phy_g.h"
struct b43_wldev;
/* Local Oscillator control value-pair. */
struct b43_loctl {
/* Control values. */
s8 i;
s8 q;
/* Debugging: Poison value for i and q values. */
#define B43_LOCTL_POISON 111
/* This struct holds calibrated LO settings for a set of
* Baseband and RF attenuation settings. */
struct b43_lo_calib {
/* The set of attenuation values this set of LO
* control values is calibrated for. */
struct b43_bbatt bbatt;
struct b43_rfatt rfatt;
/* The set of control values for the LO. */
struct b43_loctl ctl;
/* The time when these settings were calibrated (in jiffies) */
unsigned long calib_time;
/* List. */
struct list_head list;
/* Size of the DC Lookup Table in 16bit words. */
#define B43_DC_LT_SIZE 32
/* Local Oscillator calibration information */
struct b43_txpower_lo_control {
/* Lists of RF and BB attenuation values for this device.
* Used for building hardware power control tables. */
struct b43_rfatt_list rfatt_list;
struct b43_bbatt_list bbatt_list;
/* The DC Lookup Table is cached in memory here.
* Note that this is only used for Hardware Power Control. */
u16 dc_lt[B43_DC_LT_SIZE];
/* List of calibrated control values (struct b43_lo_calib). */
struct list_head calib_list;
/* Last time the power vector was read (jiffies). */
unsigned long pwr_vec_read_time;
/* Last time the txctl values were measured (jiffies). */
unsigned long txctl_measured_time;
/* Current TX Bias value */
u8 tx_bias;
/* Current TX Magnification Value (if used by the device) */
u8 tx_magn;
/* Saved device PowerVector */
u64 power_vector;
/* Calibration expire timeouts.
* Timeouts must be multiple of 15 seconds. To make sure
* the item really expired when the 15 second timer hits, we
* subtract two additional seconds from the timeout. */
#define B43_LO_CALIB_EXPIRE (HZ * (30 - 2))
#define B43_LO_PWRVEC_EXPIRE (HZ * (30 - 2))
#define B43_LO_TXCTL_EXPIRE (HZ * (180 - 4))
/* Adjust the Local Oscillator to the saved attenuation
* and txctl values.
void b43_lo_g_adjust(struct b43_wldev *dev);
/* Adjust to specific values. */
void b43_lo_g_adjust_to(struct b43_wldev *dev,
u16 rfatt, u16 bbatt, u16 tx_control);
void b43_gphy_dc_lt_init(struct b43_wldev *dev, bool update_all);
void b43_lo_g_maintanance_work(struct b43_wldev *dev);
void b43_lo_g_cleanup(struct b43_wldev *dev);
void b43_lo_g_init(struct b43_wldev *dev);
#endif /* B43_LO_H_ */