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# RTL818X Wireless LAN device configuration
config RTL8180
tristate "Realtek 8180/8185/8187SE PCI support"
depends on m
depends on MAC80211 && PCI
depends on EEPROM_93CX6
This is a driver for RTL8180, RTL8185 and RTL8187SE based cards.
These are PCI based chips found in cards such as:
(RTL8185 802.11g)
A-Link WL54PC
(RTL8180 802.11b)
Belkin F5D6020 v3
Belkin F5D6020 v3
Dlink DWL-610
Dlink DWL-510
Netgear MA521
Level-One WPC-0101
Acer Aspire 1357 LMi
VCTnet PC-11B1
Ovislink AirLive WL-1120PCM
Mentor WL-PCI
Linksys WPC11 v4
TrendNET TEW-288PI
D-Link DWL-520 Rev D
Repotec RP-WP7126
TP-Link TL-WN250/251
Zonet ZEW1000
Longshine LCS-8031-R
HomeLine HLW-PCC200
GigaFast WF721-AEX
Planet WL-3553
TrendNET TEW-266PC
Gigabyte GN-WLMR101
Siemens-fujitsu Amilo D1840W
Edimax EW-7126
PheeNet WL-11PCIR
Tonze PC-2100T
Planet WL-8303
Dlink DWL-650 v M1
Edimax EW-7106
Q-Tec 770WC
Topcom Skyr@cer 4011b
Roper FreeLan 802.11b (edition 2004)
Wistron Neweb Corp CB-200B
Pentagram HorNET
QTec 775WC
TwinMOS Booming B Series
Micronet SP906BB
Sweex LC700010
Surecom EP-9428
Safecom SWLCR-1100
Thanks to Realtek for their support!
config RTL8187
tristate "Realtek 8187 and 8187B USB support"
depends on m
depends on MAC80211 && USB
depends on EEPROM_93CX6
This is a driver for RTL8187 and RTL8187B based cards.
These are USB based chips found in devices such as:
Netgear WG111v2
Level 1 WNC-0301USB
Micronet SP907GK V5
Encore ENUWI-G2
Trendnet TEW-424UB
ASUS P5B Deluxe/P5K Premium motherboards
Toshiba Satellite Pro series of laptops
Asus Wireless Link
Linksys WUSB54GC-EU v2
(v1 = rt73usb; v3 is rt2070-based,
use staging/rt3070 or try rt2800usb)
Thanks to Realtek for their support!
# If possible, automatically enable LEDs for RTL8187.
config RTL8187_LEDS
depends on RTL8187 && MAC80211_LEDS && (LEDS_CLASS = y || LEDS_CLASS = RTL8187)
default y