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Broadcom B43legacy wireless driver
Copyright (c) 2005 Martin Langer <>,
Stefano Brivio <>
Michael Buesch <>
Danny van Dyk <>
Andreas Jaggi <>
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; see the file COPYING. If not, write to
the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Steet, Fifth Floor,
Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
#include "b43legacy.h"
#include "ilt.h"
#include "phy.h"
/**** Initial Internal Lookup Tables ****/
const u32 b43legacy_ilt_rotor[B43legacy_ILT_ROTOR_SIZE] = {
0xFEB93FFD, 0xFEC63FFD, /* 0 */
0xFF053FFE, 0xFF113FFE,
0xFF1E3FFE, 0xFF2A3FFF, /* 8 */
0xFF373FFF, 0xFF443FFF,
0xFF503FFF, 0xFF5D3FFF,
0xFF693FFF, 0xFF763FFF,
0xFF824000, 0xFF8F4000, /* 16 */
0xFF9B4000, 0xFFA84000,
0xFFB54000, 0xFFC14000,
0xFFCE4000, 0xFFDA4000,
0xFFE74000, 0xFFF34000, /* 24 */
0x00004000, 0x000D4000,
0x00194000, 0x00264000,
0x00324000, 0x003F4000,
0x004B4000, 0x00584000, /* 32 */
0x00654000, 0x00714000,
0x007E4000, 0x008A3FFF,
0x00973FFF, 0x00A33FFF,
0x00B03FFF, 0x00BC3FFF, /* 40 */
0x00C93FFF, 0x00D63FFF,
0x00E23FFE, 0x00EF3FFE,
0x00FB3FFE, 0x01083FFE,
0x01143FFE, 0x01213FFD, /* 48 */
0x012E3FFD, 0x013A3FFD,
const u32 b43legacy_ilt_retard[B43legacy_ILT_RETARD_SIZE] = {
0xDB93CB87, 0xD666CF64, /* 0 */
0xD1FDD358, 0xCDA6D826,
0xCA38DD9F, 0xC729E2B4,
0xC469E88E, 0xC26AEE2B,
0xC0DEF46C, 0xC073FA62, /* 8 */
0xC01D00D5, 0xC0760743,
0xC1560D1E, 0xC2E51369,
0xC4ED18FF, 0xC7AC1ED7,
0xCB2823B2, 0xCEFA28D9, /* 16 */
0xD2F62D3F, 0xD7BB3197,
0xDCE53568, 0xE1FE3875,
0xE7D13B35, 0xED663D35,
0xF39B3EC4, 0xF98E3FA7, /* 24 */
0x00004000, 0x06723FA7,
0x0C653EC4, 0x129A3D35,
0x182F3B35, 0x1E023875,
0x231B3568, 0x28453197, /* 32 */
0x2D0A2D3F, 0x310628D9,
0x34D823B2, 0x38541ED7,
0x3B1318FF, 0x3D1B1369,
0x3EAA0D1E, 0x3F8A0743, /* 40 */
0x3FE300D5, 0x3F8DFA62,
0x3F22F46C, 0x3D96EE2B,
0x3B97E88E, 0x38D7E2B4,
0x35C8DD9F, 0x325AD826, /* 48 */
0x2E03D358, 0x299ACF64,
const u16 b43legacy_ilt_finefreqa[B43legacy_ILT_FINEFREQA_SIZE] = {
0x0082, 0x0082, 0x0102, 0x0182, /* 0 */
0x0202, 0x0282, 0x0302, 0x0382,
0x0402, 0x0482, 0x0502, 0x0582,
0x05E2, 0x0662, 0x06E2, 0x0762,
0x07E2, 0x0842, 0x08C2, 0x0942, /* 16 */
0x09C2, 0x0A22, 0x0AA2, 0x0B02,
0x0B82, 0x0BE2, 0x0C62, 0x0CC2,
0x0D42, 0x0DA2, 0x0E02, 0x0E62,
0x0EE2, 0x0F42, 0x0FA2, 0x1002, /* 32 */
0x1062, 0x10C2, 0x1122, 0x1182,
0x11E2, 0x1242, 0x12A2, 0x12E2,
0x1342, 0x13A2, 0x1402, 0x1442,
0x14A2, 0x14E2, 0x1542, 0x1582, /* 48 */
0x15E2, 0x1622, 0x1662, 0x16C1,
0x1701, 0x1741, 0x1781, 0x17E1,
0x1821, 0x1861, 0x18A1, 0x18E1,
0x1921, 0x1961, 0x19A1, 0x19E1, /* 64 */
0x1A21, 0x1A61, 0x1AA1, 0x1AC1,
0x1B01, 0x1B41, 0x1B81, 0x1BA1,
0x1BE1, 0x1C21, 0x1C41, 0x1C81,
0x1CA1, 0x1CE1, 0x1D01, 0x1D41, /* 80 */
0x1D61, 0x1DA1, 0x1DC1, 0x1E01,
0x1E21, 0x1E61, 0x1E81, 0x1EA1,
0x1EE1, 0x1F01, 0x1F21, 0x1F41,
0x1F81, 0x1FA1, 0x1FC1, 0x1FE1, /* 96 */
0x2001, 0x2041, 0x2061, 0x2081,
0x20A1, 0x20C1, 0x20E1, 0x2101,
0x2121, 0x2141, 0x2161, 0x2181,
0x21A1, 0x21C1, 0x21E1, 0x2201, /* 112 */
0x2221, 0x2241, 0x2261, 0x2281,
0x22A1, 0x22C1, 0x22C1, 0x22E1,
0x2301, 0x2321, 0x2341, 0x2361,
0x2361, 0x2381, 0x23A1, 0x23C1, /* 128 */
0x23E1, 0x23E1, 0x2401, 0x2421,
0x2441, 0x2441, 0x2461, 0x2481,
0x2481, 0x24A1, 0x24C1, 0x24C1,
0x24E1, 0x2501, 0x2501, 0x2521, /* 144 */
0x2541, 0x2541, 0x2561, 0x2561,
0x2581, 0x25A1, 0x25A1, 0x25C1,
0x25C1, 0x25E1, 0x2601, 0x2601,
0x2621, 0x2621, 0x2641, 0x2641, /* 160 */
0x2661, 0x2661, 0x2681, 0x2681,
0x26A1, 0x26A1, 0x26C1, 0x26C1,
0x26E1, 0x26E1, 0x2701, 0x2701,
0x2721, 0x2721, 0x2740, 0x2740, /* 176 */
0x2760, 0x2760, 0x2780, 0x2780,
0x2780, 0x27A0, 0x27A0, 0x27C0,
0x27C0, 0x27E0, 0x27E0, 0x27E0,
0x2800, 0x2800, 0x2820, 0x2820, /* 192 */
0x2820, 0x2840, 0x2840, 0x2840,
0x2860, 0x2860, 0x2880, 0x2880,
0x2880, 0x28A0, 0x28A0, 0x28A0,
0x28C0, 0x28C0, 0x28C0, 0x28E0, /* 208 */
0x28E0, 0x28E0, 0x2900, 0x2900,
0x2900, 0x2920, 0x2920, 0x2920,
0x2940, 0x2940, 0x2940, 0x2960,
0x2960, 0x2960, 0x2960, 0x2980, /* 224 */
0x2980, 0x2980, 0x29A0, 0x29A0,
0x29A0, 0x29A0, 0x29C0, 0x29C0,
0x29C0, 0x29E0, 0x29E0, 0x29E0,
0x29E0, 0x2A00, 0x2A00, 0x2A00, /* 240 */
0x2A00, 0x2A20, 0x2A20, 0x2A20,
0x2A20, 0x2A40, 0x2A40, 0x2A40,
0x2A40, 0x2A60, 0x2A60, 0x2A60,
const u16 b43legacy_ilt_finefreqg[B43legacy_ILT_FINEFREQG_SIZE] = {
0x0089, 0x02E9, 0x0409, 0x04E9, /* 0 */
0x05A9, 0x0669, 0x0709, 0x0789,
0x0829, 0x08A9, 0x0929, 0x0989,
0x0A09, 0x0A69, 0x0AC9, 0x0B29,
0x0BA9, 0x0BE9, 0x0C49, 0x0CA9, /* 16 */
0x0D09, 0x0D69, 0x0DA9, 0x0E09,
0x0E69, 0x0EA9, 0x0F09, 0x0F49,
0x0FA9, 0x0FE9, 0x1029, 0x1089,
0x10C9, 0x1109, 0x1169, 0x11A9, /* 32 */
0x11E9, 0x1229, 0x1289, 0x12C9,
0x1309, 0x1349, 0x1389, 0x13C9,
0x1409, 0x1449, 0x14A9, 0x14E9,
0x1529, 0x1569, 0x15A9, 0x15E9, /* 48 */
0x1629, 0x1669, 0x16A9, 0x16E8,
0x1728, 0x1768, 0x17A8, 0x17E8,
0x1828, 0x1868, 0x18A8, 0x18E8,
0x1928, 0x1968, 0x19A8, 0x19E8, /* 64 */
0x1A28, 0x1A68, 0x1AA8, 0x1AE8,
0x1B28, 0x1B68, 0x1BA8, 0x1BE8,
0x1C28, 0x1C68, 0x1CA8, 0x1CE8,
0x1D28, 0x1D68, 0x1DC8, 0x1E08, /* 80 */
0x1E48, 0x1E88, 0x1EC8, 0x1F08,
0x1F48, 0x1F88, 0x1FE8, 0x2028,
0x2068, 0x20A8, 0x2108, 0x2148,
0x2188, 0x21C8, 0x2228, 0x2268, /* 96 */
0x22C8, 0x2308, 0x2348, 0x23A8,
0x23E8, 0x2448, 0x24A8, 0x24E8,
0x2548, 0x25A8, 0x2608, 0x2668,
0x26C8, 0x2728, 0x2787, 0x27E7, /* 112 */
0x2847, 0x28C7, 0x2947, 0x29A7,
0x2A27, 0x2AC7, 0x2B47, 0x2BE7,
0x2CA7, 0x2D67, 0x2E47, 0x2F67,
0x3247, 0x3526, 0x3646, 0x3726, /* 128 */
0x3806, 0x38A6, 0x3946, 0x39E6,
0x3A66, 0x3AE6, 0x3B66, 0x3BC6,
0x3C45, 0x3CA5, 0x3D05, 0x3D85,
0x3DE5, 0x3E45, 0x3EA5, 0x3EE5, /* 144 */
0x3F45, 0x3FA5, 0x4005, 0x4045,
0x40A5, 0x40E5, 0x4145, 0x4185,
0x41E5, 0x4225, 0x4265, 0x42C5,
0x4305, 0x4345, 0x43A5, 0x43E5, /* 160 */
0x4424, 0x4464, 0x44C4, 0x4504,
0x4544, 0x4584, 0x45C4, 0x4604,
0x4644, 0x46A4, 0x46E4, 0x4724,
0x4764, 0x47A4, 0x47E4, 0x4824, /* 176 */
0x4864, 0x48A4, 0x48E4, 0x4924,
0x4964, 0x49A4, 0x49E4, 0x4A24,
0x4A64, 0x4AA4, 0x4AE4, 0x4B23,
0x4B63, 0x4BA3, 0x4BE3, 0x4C23, /* 192 */
0x4C63, 0x4CA3, 0x4CE3, 0x4D23,
0x4D63, 0x4DA3, 0x4DE3, 0x4E23,
0x4E63, 0x4EA3, 0x4EE3, 0x4F23,
0x4F63, 0x4FC3, 0x5003, 0x5043, /* 208 */
0x5083, 0x50C3, 0x5103, 0x5143,
0x5183, 0x51E2, 0x5222, 0x5262,
0x52A2, 0x52E2, 0x5342, 0x5382,
0x53C2, 0x5402, 0x5462, 0x54A2, /* 224 */
0x5502, 0x5542, 0x55A2, 0x55E2,
0x5642, 0x5682, 0x56E2, 0x5722,
0x5782, 0x57E1, 0x5841, 0x58A1,
0x5901, 0x5961, 0x59C1, 0x5A21, /* 240 */
0x5AA1, 0x5B01, 0x5B81, 0x5BE1,
0x5C61, 0x5D01, 0x5D80, 0x5E20,
0x5EE0, 0x5FA0, 0x6080, 0x61C0,
const u16 b43legacy_ilt_noisea2[B43legacy_ILT_NOISEA2_SIZE] = {
0x0001, 0x0001, 0x0001, 0xFFFE,
0xFFFE, 0x3FFF, 0x1000, 0x0393,
const u16 b43legacy_ilt_noisea3[B43legacy_ILT_NOISEA3_SIZE] = {
0x4C4C, 0x4C4C, 0x4C4C, 0x2D36,
0x4C4C, 0x4C4C, 0x4C4C, 0x2D36,
const u16 b43legacy_ilt_noiseg1[B43legacy_ILT_NOISEG1_SIZE] = {
0x013C, 0x01F5, 0x031A, 0x0631,
0x0001, 0x0001, 0x0001, 0x0001,
const u16 b43legacy_ilt_noiseg2[B43legacy_ILT_NOISEG2_SIZE] = {
0x5484, 0x3C40, 0x0000, 0x0000,
0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000,
const u16 b43legacy_ilt_noisescaleg1[B43legacy_ILT_NOISESCALEG_SIZE] = {
0x6C77, 0x5162, 0x3B40, 0x3335, /* 0 */
0x2F2D, 0x2A2A, 0x2527, 0x1F21,
0x1A1D, 0x1719, 0x1616, 0x1414,
0x1414, 0x1400, 0x1414, 0x1614,
0x1716, 0x1A19, 0x1F1D, 0x2521, /* 16 */
0x2A27, 0x2F2A, 0x332D, 0x3B35,
0x5140, 0x6C62, 0x0077,
const u16 b43legacy_ilt_noisescaleg2[B43legacy_ILT_NOISESCALEG_SIZE] = {
0xD8DD, 0xCBD4, 0xBCC0, 0XB6B7, /* 0 */
0xB2B0, 0xADAD, 0xA7A9, 0x9FA1,
0x969B, 0x9195, 0x8F8F, 0x8A8A,
0x8A8A, 0x8A00, 0x8A8A, 0x8F8A,
0x918F, 0x9695, 0x9F9B, 0xA7A1, /* 16 */
0xADA9, 0xB2AD, 0xB6B0, 0xBCB7,
0xCBC0, 0xD8D4, 0x00DD,
const u16 b43legacy_ilt_noisescaleg3[B43legacy_ILT_NOISESCALEG_SIZE] = {
0xA4A4, 0xA4A4, 0xA4A4, 0xA4A4, /* 0 */
0xA4A4, 0xA4A4, 0xA4A4, 0xA4A4,
0xA4A4, 0xA4A4, 0xA4A4, 0xA4A4,
0xA4A4, 0xA400, 0xA4A4, 0xA4A4,
0xA4A4, 0xA4A4, 0xA4A4, 0xA4A4, /* 16 */
0xA4A4, 0xA4A4, 0xA4A4, 0xA4A4,
0xA4A4, 0xA4A4, 0x00A4,
const u16 b43legacy_ilt_sigmasqr1[B43legacy_ILT_SIGMASQR_SIZE] = {
0x007A, 0x0075, 0x0071, 0x006C, /* 0 */
0x0067, 0x0063, 0x005E, 0x0059,
0x0054, 0x0050, 0x004B, 0x0046,
0x0042, 0x003D, 0x003D, 0x003D,
0x003D, 0x003D, 0x003D, 0x003D, /* 16 */
0x003D, 0x003D, 0x003D, 0x003D,
0x003D, 0x003D, 0x0000, 0x003D,
0x003D, 0x003D, 0x003D, 0x003D,
0x003D, 0x003D, 0x003D, 0x003D, /* 32 */
0x003D, 0x003D, 0x003D, 0x003D,
0x0042, 0x0046, 0x004B, 0x0050,
0x0054, 0x0059, 0x005E, 0x0063,
0x0067, 0x006C, 0x0071, 0x0075, /* 48 */
const u16 b43legacy_ilt_sigmasqr2[B43legacy_ILT_SIGMASQR_SIZE] = {
0x00DE, 0x00DC, 0x00DA, 0x00D8, /* 0 */
0x00D6, 0x00D4, 0x00D2, 0x00CF,
0x00CD, 0x00CA, 0x00C7, 0x00C4,
0x00C1, 0x00BE, 0x00BE, 0x00BE,
0x00BE, 0x00BE, 0x00BE, 0x00BE, /* 16 */
0x00BE, 0x00BE, 0x00BE, 0x00BE,
0x00BE, 0x00BE, 0x0000, 0x00BE,
0x00BE, 0x00BE, 0x00BE, 0x00BE,
0x00BE, 0x00BE, 0x00BE, 0x00BE, /* 32 */
0x00BE, 0x00BE, 0x00BE, 0x00BE,
0x00C1, 0x00C4, 0x00C7, 0x00CA,
0x00CD, 0x00CF, 0x00D2, 0x00D4,
0x00D6, 0x00D8, 0x00DA, 0x00DC, /* 48 */
/**** Helper functions to access the device Internal Lookup Tables ****/
void b43legacy_ilt_write(struct b43legacy_wldev *dev, u16 offset, u16 val)
b43legacy_phy_write(dev, B43legacy_PHY_ILT_G_CTRL, offset);
b43legacy_phy_write(dev, B43legacy_PHY_ILT_G_DATA1, val);
void b43legacy_ilt_write32(struct b43legacy_wldev *dev, u16 offset, u32 val)
b43legacy_phy_write(dev, B43legacy_PHY_ILT_G_CTRL, offset);
b43legacy_phy_write(dev, B43legacy_PHY_ILT_G_DATA2,
(val & 0xFFFF0000) >> 16);
b43legacy_phy_write(dev, B43legacy_PHY_ILT_G_DATA1,
val & 0x0000FFFF);
u16 b43legacy_ilt_read(struct b43legacy_wldev *dev, u16 offset)
b43legacy_phy_write(dev, B43legacy_PHY_ILT_G_CTRL, offset);
return b43legacy_phy_read(dev, B43legacy_PHY_ILT_G_DATA1);