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#ifndef _PFE_HIF_LIB_H_
#define _PFE_HIF_LIB_H_
#include "pfe_hif.h"
#define dbg_print_info( fmt, args...) \
printk(KERN_INFO fmt, ##args)
#define dbg_print_info( fmt, args...)
#define GFP_DMA_PFE 0
enum {
enum {
EVENT_HIGH_RX_WM = 0, /* Event to indicate that client rx queue is reached water mark level */
EVENT_RX_PKT_IND, /* Event to indicate that, packet recieved for client */
EVENT_TXDONE_IND, /* Event to indicate that, packet tx done for client */
/*structure to store client queue info */
/*structure to store client queue info */
struct hif_client_rx_queue {
struct rx_queue_desc *base;
u32 size;
u32 read_idx;
u32 write_idx;
struct hif_client_tx_queue {
struct tx_queue_desc *base;
u32 size;
u32 read_idx;
u32 write_idx;
u32 tx_pending;
unsigned long jiffies_last_packet;
struct hif_client_s
int id;
int tx_qn;
int rx_qn;
void *rx_qbase;
void *tx_qbase;
/* FIXME tx/rx_qsize fields can be removed after per queue depth is supported*/
int tx_qsize;
int rx_qsize;
int cpu_id;
int user_cpu_id;
// spinlock_t rx_lock;
struct hif_client_tx_queue tx_q[HIF_CLIENT_QUEUES_MAX];
struct hif_client_rx_queue rx_q[HIF_CLIENT_QUEUES_MAX];
int (*event_handler)(void *priv, int event, int data);
unsigned long queue_mask[HIF_EVENT_MAX];
struct pfe *pfe;
void *priv;
/* Client specific shared memory
* It contains number of Rx/Tx queues, base addresses and queue sizes */
struct hif_client_shm {
u32 ctrl; /*0-7: number of Rx queues, 8-15: number of tx queues */
u32 rx_qbase; /*Rx queue base address */
u32 rx_qsize; /*each Rx queue size, all Rx queues are of same size */
u32 tx_qbase; /* Tx queue base address */
u32 tx_qsize; /*each Tx queue size, all Tx queues are of same size */
/*Client shared memory ctrl bit description */
#define CLIENT_CTRL_RX_Q_CNT(ctrl) (((ctrl) >> CLIENT_CTRL_RX_Q_CNT_OFST) & 0xFF)
#define CLIENT_CTRL_TX_Q_CNT(ctrl) (((ctrl) >> CLIENT_CTRL_TX_Q_CNT_OFST) & 0xFF)
/*Shared memory used to communicate between HIF driver and host/client drivers
* Before starting the hif driver rx_buf_pool ans rx_buf_pool_cnt should be
* initialized with host buffers and buffers count in the pool.
* rx_buf_pool_cnt should be >= HIF_RX_DESC_NT.
struct hif_shm {
u32 rx_buf_pool_cnt; /*Number of rx buffers available*/
void *rx_buf_pool[HIF_RX_DESC_NT];/*Rx buffers required to initialize HIF rx descriptors */
unsigned long gClient_status[2]; /*Global client status bit mask */
u32 hif_qfull; /*TODO Client-id that caused for the TMU3 queue stop */
u32 hif_qresume; /*TODO */
struct hif_client_shm client[HIF_CLIENTS_MAX]; /* Client specific shared memory */
#define CL_DESC_OWN (1 << 31) /* This sets owner ship to HIF driver */
#define CL_DESC_LAST (1 << 30) /* This indicates last packet for multi buffers handling */
#define CL_DESC_FIRST (1 << 29) /* This indicates first packet for multi buffers handling */
#define CL_DESC_BUF_LEN(x) ((x) & 0xFFFF)
#define CL_DESC_FLAGS(x) (((x) & 0xF) << 16)
#define CL_DESC_GET_FLAGS(x) (((x) >> 16) & 0xF)
struct rx_queue_desc {
void *data;
u32 ctrl; /*0-15bit len, 16-20bit flags, 31bit owner*/
u32 client_ctrl;
struct tx_queue_desc {
void *data;
u32 ctrl; /*0-15bit len, 16-20bit flags, 31bit owner*/
/* HIF Rx is not working properly for 2-byte aligned buffers and
* ip_header should be 4byte aligned for better iperformance.
* "ip_header = 64 + 6(hif_header) + 14 (MAC Header)" will be 4byte aligned.
#define PFE_PKT_HEADER_SZ sizeof(struct hif_hdr)
#define PFE_BUF_SIZE 2048 /* must be big enough for headroom, pkt size and skb shared info */
#define PFE_PKT_HEADROOM 128
#define SKB_SHARED_INFO_SIZE 256 /* At least sizeof(struct skb_shared_info) bytes */
//#define PFE_PKT_SIZE 1544 /* maximum ethernet packet size */
#define PFE_PKT_SIZE (PFE_BUF_SIZE - PFE_PKT_HEADROOM - SKB_SHARED_INFO_SIZE) /* maximum ethernet packet size after reassembly offload*/
#define MAX_L2_HDR_SIZE 14 /* Not correct for VLAN/PPPoE */
#define MAX_L3_HDR_SIZE 20 /* Not correct for IPv6 */
#define MAX_L4_HDR_SIZE 60 /* TCP with maximum options */
#define MAX_PFE_PKT_SIZE 16380UL /* Used in page mode to clamp packet size to the maximum supported by the hif hw interface (<16KiB) */
extern unsigned int pfe_pkt_size;
extern unsigned int pfe_pkt_headroom;
extern unsigned int page_mode;
extern unsigned int lro_mode;
extern unsigned int tx_qos;
int pfe_hif_lib_init(struct pfe *pfe);
void pfe_hif_lib_exit(struct pfe *pfe);
int hif_lib_client_register(struct hif_client_s *client);
int hif_lib_client_unregister(struct hif_client_s *client);
void __hif_lib_xmit_tso_hdr(struct hif_client_s *client, unsigned int qno, u32 client_ctrl, unsigned int ip_off, unsigned int ip_id, unsigned int ip_len, unsigned int tcp_off, unsigned int tcp_seq);
void __hif_lib_xmit_pkt(struct hif_client_s *client, unsigned int qno, void *data, unsigned int len, u32 client_ctrl, unsigned int flags, void *client_data);
int hif_lib_xmit_pkt(struct hif_client_s *client, unsigned int qno, void *data, unsigned int len, u32 client_ctrl, void *client_data);
void hif_lib_indicate_client(int cl_id, int event, int data);
int hif_lib_event_handler_start( struct hif_client_s *client, int event, int data );
int hif_lib_tmu_queue_start( struct hif_client_s *client, int qno );
int hif_lib_tmu_queue_stop( struct hif_client_s *client, int qno );
void *hif_lib_tx_get_next_complete(struct hif_client_s *client, int qno, unsigned int *flags, int count);
void *hif_lib_receive_pkt(struct hif_client_s *client, int qno, int *len, int *ofst, unsigned int *rx_ctrl, unsigned int *desc_ctrl, void **priv_data);
void hif_lib_update_credit(struct hif_client_s *client, unsigned int qno);
void __hif_lib_update_credit(struct hif_client_s *client, unsigned int queue);
void hif_lib_set_rx_cpu_affinity(struct hif_client_s *client, int cpu_id);
static inline int hif_lib_tx_avail(struct hif_client_s *client, unsigned int qno)
struct hif_client_tx_queue *queue = &client->tx_q[qno];
return (queue->size - queue->tx_pending);
static inline int hif_lib_get_tx_wrIndex(struct hif_client_s *client, unsigned int qno)
struct hif_client_tx_queue *queue = &client->tx_q[qno];
return queue->write_idx;
static inline int hif_lib_tx_pending(struct hif_client_s *client, unsigned int qno)
struct hif_client_tx_queue *queue = &client->tx_q[qno];
return queue->tx_pending;
#define hif_lib_tx_credit_avail(pfe, id, qno) pfe->tmu_credit.tx_credit[id][qno]
#define hif_lib_tx_credit_max(pfe, id, qno) pfe->tmu_credit.tx_credit_max[id][qno]
#define hif_lib_tx_credit_use(pfe, id, qno, credit) do {if (tx_qos) {pfe->tmu_credit.tx_credit[id][qno]-= credit; pfe->tmu_credit.tx_packets[id][qno]+=credit;}} while (0)
#endif /* _PFE_HIF_LIB_H_ */