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Signal Generator Script 1.0
This script takes command line arguments to broadcast the sum of various signals
with differing strengths. The script takes in arguments by specifying a type of
signal to broadcast followed by the corresponding parameters for that signal.
This script requires the user to specify at least 1 signal in order to operate.
In order to broadcast from file, use the '-f' flag and specify the path to the
file as well as a factor which corresponds to a db-gain on the specific signal.
A general db-gain can also be specified by using the '-g' flag to amplify the
combined signal.
-h, --help Show this help message and exit
Add signal from file (raw 64 bit complex) which can be
generated using the '' script. The
raw file can be read using scipy.fromfile.
Specify the desired frequency in KHz, defaults
to 2412KHz (Wifi Channel 1)
-g DB_GAIN, --gain=DB_GAIN
Specify the db-gain amplification, defaults to 50db
Note: If you are playing from a file and are getting Underruns (U), try moving
the file to local storage.
A set of useful recordings have been placed at "/google/data/rw/teams/gfiber/sdr/recordings"
that can be used for testing or other purposes.