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Interference Recorder Script 1.0
This script takes in a filename as in input and opens a gui which allows
the user to adjust the frequency, bandwidth, gain, and record time. Upon
closing the GUI, the script will automatically begin recording for the
specified time.
./ filename
- USRP Software Defined Radio
- GNURadio and UHD Driver
- "" and ""
Changing radio behaviour:
The recorder behaviour can be changed by modifying ""
or "" in 2 ways:
1) Editing the files directly
2) Opening "bandpass_recorder_file.grc" or "bandpass_recorder_gui.grc"
with gnuradio-companion and regenerating the python files.
Note: the output of must be recorder.out as
this is used by the script to specify the output filename. The script
will output the data stream to recorder.out and it will then be renamed
to the specified filename.