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#!/usr/bin/python -S
"""Special handling for mwifiex driver.
The mwifiex driver has a mechanism to detect when the firmware is
stuck and attempt a reset. It is disabled by default and can be
configured with this helper.
import glob
import utils
_MWIFIEX_SYS_RECOVERY = '/sys/kernel/debug/mwifiex/*/firmware_recover'
def set_recovery(recovery_flag):
# Marvell's firmware can get into a non-recovery state
# that hangs forever. The driver can detect this state and perform a
# a reset when enabled with a debug flag, which is done here when the
# corresponding experiment is active.
recovery_flag = int(recovery_flag)
for sys_path in glob.glob(_MWIFIEX_SYS_RECOVERY):
utils.log(' set %r to %r.' % (sys_path, recovery_flag))
open(sys_path, 'w').write(str(recovery_flag))