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#!/usr/bin/python -S
"""Utility for ensuring a series of events occur or time out."""
import logging
import os
import time
import monotime # pylint: disable=unused-import,g-import-not-at-top
except ImportError:
_gettime = time.monotonic
except AttributeError:
_gettime = time.time
class TimeoutException(Exception):
class Condition(object):
"""Wrapper for a function that may time out."""
def __init__(self, name, evaluate, timeout, logger=None, callback=None): = name
if evaluate:
self.evaluate = evaluate
self.timeout = timeout
self.logger = logger or logging.getLogger(
self.callback = callback
def reset(self, t0=None, start_at=None):
"""Reset the Condition to an initial state.
Takes two different timestamp values to account for uncertainty in when a
previous condition may have been met.
t0: The timestamp after which to evaluate the condition.
start_at: The timestamp from which to compute the timeout.
self.t0 = t0 or _gettime()
self.start_at = start_at or _gettime()
self.done_after = None
self.done_by = None
self.timed_out = False
self.not_done_before = self.t0
def check(self):
"""Check whether the condition has completed or timed out."""
if self.timed_out:
raise TimeoutException()
if self.done_after:
return True
if self.evaluate():
return True
now = _gettime()
if now > self.start_at + self.timeout:
self.timed_out = True'%s timed out after %.2f seconds',, now - self.start_at)
raise TimeoutException()
self.not_done_before = _gettime()
return False
def mark_done(self):
# In general, we don't know when a condition finished, but we know it was
# *after* whenever it was most recently not done.
self.done_after = self.not_done_before
self.done_by = _gettime()'%s completed after %.2f seconds',, self.done_by - self.start_at)
if self.callback:
class FileExistsCondition(Condition):
"""A condition that checks for the existence of a file."""
def __init__(self, name, filepath, timeout):
self._filepath = filepath
super(FileExistsCondition, self).__init__(name, None, timeout)
def evaluate(self):
return os.path.exists(self._filepath)
class FileTouchedCondition(FileExistsCondition):
"""A condition that checks that a file is touched.
Because the clock may be adjusted, we can't compare the file's mtime to a
timestamp. So just look for mtime changes instead. This means that t0 and
start_at aren't respected; instead, look for touches after whenever the
FileTouchedCondition is reset.
def reset(self, *args, **kwargs):
super(FileTouchedCondition, self).reset(*args, **kwargs)
self.initial_mtime = self.mtime()
def evaluate(self):
if not super(FileTouchedCondition, self).evaluate():
return False
return self.mtime() != self.initial_mtime
def mtime(self):
if os.path.exists(self._filepath):
return os.stat(self._filepath).st_mtime
class Ratchet(Condition):
"""A condition that comprises a series of subconditions."""
def __init__(self, name, steps, status): = name
self.steps = steps
for step in self.steps:
step.logger = logging.getLogger(
self._status = status
super(Ratchet, self).__init__(name, None, 0)
def reset(self):
self._current_step = 0 = False
for step in self.steps:
self._set_step_status(step, False)
super(Ratchet, self).reset()
def start(self):
self.reset() = True
def stop(self): = False
# Override check rather than evaluate because we don't want the Ratchet to
# time out unless one of its steps does.
def check(self):
if not
if not self.done_after:
while self.current_step().check():
if not self.advance():
return self.done_after
def current_step(self):
return self.steps[self._current_step]
def on_final_step(self):
return self._current_step == len(self.steps) - 1
def advance(self):
if self.on_final_step():
return False
prev_step = self.current_step()
self._current_step += 1
self.current_step().start_at = prev_step.done_by
return True
def mark_done(self):
super(Ratchet, self).mark_done()
self.done_after = self.steps[-1].done_after
def _set_step_status(self, step, value):
setattr(self._status,, value)
def _set_current_step_status(self, value):
self._set_step_status(self.current_step(), value)