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Use this script during development. It runs the craftui in the
desktop, restarting on writes to the files, for quick development.
Use a browser pointed to localhost:8888 to see UI and reload when
it restarts.
This script creates the sim.tgz from a real device. Use it to
snapshot a new sim when tools like presterastats or glaukusd change
files formats.
This is a tar file screated by HOW.updatesim containing snapshots
of various files used in the craftui simulation for unit tests
starts the craftui and does simple sanity tests
This is the wrapper that launches the craftui, used in both
testing and device runtime. If tun on the desktop, it starts instead of, to catch exceptions.
wrapped to start the craftui with all exceptions caught.
The craftui python script.
tools used to simulate a real device
the www tree with html and javascript for the UI