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"""Fake ifplugd.action implementation."""
import os
import run_dhclient
def call(interface, state):
if CONMAN_PATH is None:
raise ValueError('Need to set subprocess.ifplugd_action.CONMAN_PATH')
if state not in ('up', 'down'):
raise ValueError('state should be "up" or "down"')
status_file = os.path.join(CONMAN_PATH, 'interfaces', interface)
with open(status_file, 'w') as f:
# This value doesn't matter to conman, so it's fine to hard code it here.
f.write('1' if state == 'up' else '0')
# ifplugd.action calls run-dhclient.'br0' if interface in ('eth0', 'moca0') else interface)
return 0, ''