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* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include "modellookup.h"
struct model_strings {
char *model;
char *genus;
char *species;
AppleTV1,1| "Apple TV", "Apple TV (1st gen)"
AppleTV2,1| "Apple TV", "Apple TV (2nd gen)"
AppleTV3,1| "Apple TV", "Apple TV (3rd gen)"
AppleTV3,2| "Apple TV", "Apple TV (3rd gen rev A)"
AppleTV5,3| "Apple TV", "Apple TV (4th gen)"
iMac,1| "iMac", "iMac G3"
iMac4,1| "iMac", "iMac Early 2006"
iMac4,2| "iMac", "iMac Mid 2006"
iMac5,1| "iMac", "iMac Late 2006"
iMac5,2| "iMac", "iMac Late 2006"
iMac6,1| "iMac", "iMac Late 2006"
iMac7,1| "iMac", "iMac Mid 2007"
iMac8,1| "iMac", "iMac Early 2008"
iMac9,1| "iMac", "iMac Early 2009"
iMac10,1| "iMac", "iMac Late 2009"
iMac11,1| "iMac", "iMac Late 2009"
iMac11,2| "iMac", "iMac Mid 2010"
iMac11,3| "iMac", "iMac Mid 2010"
iMac12,1| "iMac", "iMac Mid 2011"
iMac12,2| "iMac", "iMac Mid 2011"
iMac13,1| "iMac", "iMac Late 2012"
iMac13,2| "iMac", "iMac Late 2012"
iMac14,1| "iMac", "iMac Late 2013"
iMac14,2| "iMac", "iMac Late 2013"
iMac14,3| "iMac", "iMac Late 2013"
iMac14,4| "iMac", "iMac Mid 2014"
iMac15,1| "iMac", "iMac Late 2014"
iMac16,1| "iMac", "iMac Late 2015"
iMac16,2| "iMac", "iMac Late 2015"
iMac17,1| "iMac", "iMac Late 2015"
iPad1,1| "iPad", "iPad (1st gen)"
iPad2,1| "iPad", "iPad (2nd gen)"
iPad2,2| "iPad", "iPad (2nd gen)"
iPad2,3| "iPad", "iPad (2nd gen)"
iPad2,4| "iPad", "iPad (2nd gen)"
iPad2,5| "iPad mini", "iPad mini (1st gen)"
iPad2,6| "iPad mini", "iPad mini (1st gen)"
iPad2,7| "iPad mini", "iPad mini (1st gen)"
iPad3,1| "iPad", "iPad (3rd gen)"
iPad3,2| "iPad", "iPad (3rd gen)"
iPad3,3| "iPad", "iPad (3rd gen)"
iPad3,4| "iPad", "iPad (4th gen)"
iPad3,5| "iPad", "iPad (4th gen)"
iPad3,6| "iPad", "iPad (4th gen)"
iPad4,1| "iPad", "iPad Air (1st gen)"
iPad4,2| "iPad", "iPad Air (1st gen)"
iPad4,3| "iPad", "iPad Air (1st gen)"
iPad4,4| "iPad mini", "iPad mini (2nd gen)"
iPad4,5| "iPad mini", "iPad mini (2nd gen)"
iPad4,6| "iPad mini", "iPad mini (2nd gen)"
iPad4,7| "iPad mini", "iPad mini (3rd gen)"
iPad4,8| "iPad mini", "iPad mini (3rd gen)"
iPad4,9| "iPad mini", "iPad mini (3rd gen)"
iPad5,1| "iPad mini", "iPad mini (4th gen)"
iPad5,2| "iPad mini", "iPad mini (4th gen)"
iPad5,3| "iPad", "iPad Air (2nd gen)"
iPad5,4| "iPad", "iPad Air (2nd gen)"
iPad6,3| "iPad Pro", "iPad Pro 9.7 inch"
iPad6,4| "iPad Pro", "iPad Pro 9.7 inch"
iPad6,7| "iPad Pro", "iPad Pro 12.9 inch"
iPad6,8| "iPad Pro", "iPad Pro 12.9 inch"
iPhone1,1| "iPhone", "iPhone 1"
iPhone1,2| "iPhone 3G", "iPhone 3G"
iPhone2,1| "iPhone 3GS", "iPhone 3GS"
iPhone3,1| "iPhone 4", "iPhone 4"
iPhone3,2| "iPhone 4", "iPhone 4"
iPhone3,3| "iPhone 4", "iPhone 4"
iPhone4,1| "iPhone 4S", "iPhone 4S"
iPhone5,1| "iPhone 5", "iPhone 5"
iPhone5,2| "iPhone 5", "iPhone 5"
iPhone5,3| "iPhone 5c", "iPhone 5c"
iPhone5,4| "iPhone 5c", "iPhone 5c"
iPhone6,1| "iPhone 5s", "iPhone 5s"
iPhone6,2| "iPhone 5s", "iPhone 5s"
iPhone7,1| "iPhone 6+", "iPhone 6+"
iPhone7,2| "iPhone 6", "iPhone 6"
iPhone8,1| "iPhone 6s", "iPhone 6s"
iPhone8,2| "iPhone 6s+", "iPhone 6s+"
iPhone8,4| "iPhone SE", "iPhone SE"
iPod1,1| "iPod Touch", "iPod Touch (1st gen)"
iPod2,1| "iPod Touch", "iPod Touch (2nd gen)"
iPod3,1| "iPod Touch", "iPod Touch (3rd gen)"
iPod4,1| "iPod Touch", "iPod Touch (4th gen)"
iPod5,1| "iPod Touch", "iPod Touch (5th gen)"
iPod7,1| "iPod Touch", "iPod Touch (6th gen)"
MacBook1,1| "MacBook", "MacBook Early 2006"
MacBook2,1| "MacBook", "MacBook Late 2006"
MacBook3,1| "MacBook", "MacBook Late 2007"
MacBook4,1| "MacBook", "MacBook Early 2008"
MacBook4,2| "MacBook", "MacBook Late 2008"
MacBook5,1| "MacBook", "MacBook Late 2008"
MacBook5,2| "MacBook", "MacBook Mid 2009"
MacBook6,1| "MacBook", "MacBook Late 2009"
MacBook7,1| "MacBook", "MacBook Mid 2010"
MacBook8,1| "MacBook", "MacBook Early 2015"
MacBook9,1| "MacBook", "MacBook Early 2016"
MacBookAir1,1| "MacBook Air", "MacBook Air Early 2008"
MacBookAir2,1| "MacBook Air", "MacBook Air Mid 2009"
MacBookAir3,1| "MacBook Air", "MacBook Air Late 2010"
MacBookAir3,2| "MacBook Air", "MacBook Air Late 2010"
MacBookAir4,1| "MacBook Air", "MacBook Air Mid 2011"
MacBookAir4,2| "MacBook Air", "MacBook Air Mid 2011"
MacBookAir5,1| "MacBook Air", "MacBook Air Mid 2012"
MacBookAir5,2| "MacBook Air", "MacBook Air Mid 2012"
MacBookAir6,1| "MacBook Air", "MacBook Air Mid 2013"
MacBookAir6,2| "MacBook Air", "MacBook Air Mid 2013"
MacBookAir7,1| "MacBook Air", "MacBook Air Early 2015"
MacBookAir7,2| "MacBook Air", "MacBook Air Early 2015"
MacBookPro1,1| "MacBook Pro", "MacBook Pro Early 2006"
MacBookPro1,2| "MacBook Pro", "MacBook Pro Early 2006"
MacBookPro2,1| "MacBook Pro", "MacBook Pro Late 2006"
MacBookPro2,2| "MacBook Pro", "MacBook Pro Late 2006"
MacBookPro3,1| "MacBook Pro", "MacBook Pro Mid 2007"
MacBookPro4,1| "MacBook Pro", "MacBook Pro Early 2008"
MacBookPro5,1| "MacBook Pro", "MacBook Pro Late 2008"
MacBookPro5,2| "MacBook Pro", "MacBook Pro Early 2009"
MacBookPro5,3| "MacBook Pro", "MacBook Pro Mid 2009"
MacBookPro5,4| "MacBook Pro", "MacBook Pro Mid 2009"
MacBookPro5,5| "MacBook Pro", "MacBook Pro Mid 2009"
MacBookPro6,1| "MacBook Pro", "MacBook Pro Mid 2010"
MacBookPro6,2| "MacBook Pro", "MacBook Pro Mid 2010"
MacBookPro7,1| "MacBook Pro", "MacBook Pro Mid 2010"
MacBookPro8,1| "MacBook Pro", "MacBook Pro Early 2011"
MacBookPro8,2| "MacBook Pro", "MacBook Pro Early 2011"
MacBookPro8,3| "MacBook Pro", "MacBook Pro Early 2011"
MacBookPro9,1| "MacBook Pro", "MacBook Pro Mid 2012"
MacBookPro9,2| "MacBook Pro", "MacBook Pro Mid 2012"
MacBookPro10,1| "MacBook Pro", "MacBook Pro Mid 2012"
MacBookPro10,2| "MacBook Pro", "MacBook Pro Late 2012"
MacBookPro11,1| "MacBook Pro", "MacBook Pro Late 2013"
MacBookPro11,2| "MacBook Pro", "MacBook Pro Late 2013"
MacBookPro11,3| "MacBook Pro", "MacBook Pro Late 2013"
MacBookPro11,4| "MacBook Pro", "MacBook Pro Mid 2015"
MacBookPro11,5| "MacBook Pro", "MacBook Pro Mid 2015"
MacBookPro12,1| "MacBook Pro", "MacBook Pro Early 2015"
Macmini1,1| "Mac Mini", "Mac Mini Early 2006"
Macmini2,1| "Mac Mini", "Mac Mini Mid 2007"
Macmini3,1| "Mac Mini", "Mac Mini Early 2009"
Macmini4,1| "Mac Mini", "Mac Mini Mid 2010"
Macmini5,1| "Mac Mini", "Mac Mini Mid 2011"
Macmini5,2| "Mac Mini", "Mac Mini Mid 2011"
Macmini5,3| "Mac Mini", "Mac Mini Mid 2011"
Macmini6,1| "Mac Mini", "Mac Mini Late 2012"
Macmini6,2| "Mac Mini", "Mac Mini Late 2012"
Macmini7,1| "Mac Mini", "Mac Mini Late 2014"
Macmini7,2| "Mac Mini", "Mac Mini Late 2014"
Macmini7,3| "Mac Mini", "Mac Mini Late 2014"
MacPro1,1| "Mac Pro", "Mac Pro Mid 2006"
MacPro2,1| "Mac Pro", "Mac Pro Mid 2006"
MacPro3,1| "Mac Pro", "Mac Pro Early 2008"
MacPro4,1| "Mac Pro", "Mac Pro Early 2009"
MacPro5,1| "Mac Pro", "Mac Pro Mid 2010"
MacPro6,1| "Mac Pro", "Mac Pro Late 2013"
PowerBook1,1| "PowerBook", "PowerBook G3 Mid 1999"
PowerBook2,1| "iBook", "iBook G3 Mid 1999"
PowerBook2,2| "iBook", "iBook G3 Late 2000"
PowerBook3,1| "PowerBook", "PowerBook G3 Early 2000"
PowerBook3,2| "PowerBook", "PowerBook G4 Early 2001"
PowerBook3,3| "PowerBook", "PowerBook G4 Late 2001"
PowerBook3,4| "PowerBook", "PowerBook G4 Early 2002"
PowerBook3,5| "PowerBook", "PowerBook G4 Late 2002"
PowerBook4,1| "iBook", "iBook G3 Late 2001"
PowerBook4,2| "iBook", "iBook G3 Early 2002"
PowerBook4,3| "iBook", "iBook G3 Mid 2002"
PowerBook5,1| "PowerBook", "PowerBook G4 Early 2003"
PowerBook5,2| "PowerBook", "PowerBook G4 Late 2003"
PowerBook5,3| "PowerBook", "PowerBook G4 Late 2003"
PowerBook5,4| "PowerBook", "PowerBook G4 Early 2004"
PowerBook5,5| "PowerBook", "PowerBook G4 Early 2004"
PowerBook5,6| "PowerBook", "PowerBook G4 Early 2005"
PowerBook5,7| "PowerBook", "PowerBook G4 Early 2005"
PowerBook5,8| "PowerBook", "PowerBook G4 Late 2005"
PowerBook5,9| "PowerBook", "PowerBook G4 Late 2005"
PowerBook6,1| "PowerBook", "PowerBook G4 Early 2003"
PowerBook6,2| "PowerBook", "PowerBook G4 Late 2003"
PowerBook6,3| "iBook", "iBook G4 Late 2003"
PowerBook6,4| "PowerBook", "PowerBook G4 Early 2004"
PowerBook6,5| "iBook", "iBook G4 Early 2004"
PowerBook6,7| "iBook", "iBook G4 Mid 2005"
PowerBook6,8| "PowerBook", "PowerBook G4 Early 2005"
PowerMac1,1| "Power Mac", "Power Mac G3 Early 1999"
PowerMac1,2| "Power Mac", "Power Mac G4 Late 1999"
PowerMac2,1| "iMac", "iMac G3 Early 2000"
PowerMac2,2| "iMac", "iMac G3 Summer 2000"
PowerMac3,1| "Power Mac", "Power Mac G4 Late 1999"
PowerMac3,3| "Power Mac", "Power Mac G4 Mid 2000"
PowerMac3,4| "Power Mac", "Power Mac G4 Early 2001"
PowerMac3,5| "Power Mac", "Power Mac G4 Mid 2001"
PowerMac3,6| "Power Mac", "Power Mac G4 Mid 2002"
PowerMac4,1| "iMac", "iMac G3 Early 2001"
PowerMac4,2| "iMac", "iMac G4 Early 2002"
PowerMac4,4| "eMac", "eMac G4 Mid 2002"
PowerMac4,5| "iMac", "iMac G4 Mid 2002"
PowerMac5,1| "Power Mac", "Power Mac G4 Cube Mid 2000"
PowerMac6,1| "iMac", "iMac G4 Early 2003"
PowerMac6,3| "iMac", "iMac G4 Late 2003"
PowerMac6,4| "eMac", "eMac G4 Early 2004"
PowerMac7,2| "Power Mac", "Power Mac G5 Mid 2003"
PowerMac7,3| "Power Mac", "Power Mac G5 Mid 2004"
PowerMac8,1| "iMac", "iMac G5 Mid 2004"
PowerMac8,2| "iMac", "iMac G5 Mid 2005"
PowerMac9,1| "Power Mac", "Power Mac G5 Late 2004"
PowerMac10,1| "Mac Mini", "Mac Mini Early 2005"
PowerMac10,2| "Mac Mini", "Mac Mini Late 2005"
PowerMac11,2| "Power Mac", "Power Mac G5 Late 2005"
PowerMac12,1| "iMac", "iMac G5 Late 2005"
RackMac1,1| "Xserve", "Xserve G4 Mid 2002"
RackMac1,2| "Xserve", "Xserve G4 Early 2003"
RackMac3,1| "Xserve", "Xserve G5 Early 2004"
Watch1,1| "Apple Watch", "Apple Watch"
Watch1,2| "Apple Watch", "Apple Watch"
Xserve1,1| "Xserve", "Xserve Xeon Late 2006"
Xserve2,1| "Xserve", "Xserve Xeon Early 2008"
Xserve3,1| "Xserve", "Xserve Xeon Early 2009"
J1AP| "iPad", "iPad (3rd gen)"
J2AP| "iPad", "iPad (3rd gen)"
J2AAP| "iPad", "iPad (3rd gen)"
J127AP| "iPad Pro", "iPad Pro"
J128AP| "iPad Pro", "iPad Pro"
J33AP| "Apple TV", "Apple TV (3rd gen)"
J33iAP| "Apple TV", "Apple TV (3rd gen rev A)"
J42dAP| "Apple TV", "Apple TV (4th gen)"
J71AP| "iPad", "iPad Air"
J72AP| "iPad", "iPad Air"
J73AP| "iPad", "iPad Air"
J81AP| "iPad", "iPad Air (2nd gen)"
J82AP| "iPad", "iPad Air (2nd gen)"
J85AP| "iPad mini", "iPad mini (2nd gen)"
J85mAP| "iPad mini", "iPad mini (3rd gen)"
J86AP| "iPad mini", "iPad mini (2nd gen)"
J86mAP| "iPad mini", "iPad mini (3rd gen)"
J87AP| "iPad mini", "iPad mini (2nd gen)"
J87mAP| "iPad mini", "iPad mini (3rd gen)"
J96AP| "iPad mini", "iPad mini (4th gen)"
J97AP| "iPad mini", "iPad mini (4th gen)"
J98aAP| "iPad Pro", "iPad Pro"
J99aAP| "iPad Pro", "iPad Pro"
K48AP| "iPad", "iPad (1st gen)"
K66AP| "Apple TV", "Apple TV (2nd gen)"
K93AAP| "iPad", "iPad (2nd gen)"
K93AP| "iPad", "iPad (2nd gen)"
K94AP| "iPad", "iPad (2nd gen)"
K95AP| "iPad", "iPad (2nd gen)"
M68AP| "iPhone", "iPhone 1"
N27aAP| "Apple Watch", "Apple Watch"
N28aAP| "Apple Watch", "Apple Watch"
N102AP| "iPod Touch", "iPod Touch (6th gen)"
N18AP| "iPod Touch", "iPod Touch (3rd gen)"
N41AP| "iPhone 5", "iPhone 5"
N42AP| "iPhone 5", "iPhone 5"
N45AP| "iPod Touch", "iPod Touch (1st gen)"
N48AP| "iPhone 5c", "iPhone 5c"
N49AP| "iPhone 5c", "iPhone 5c"
N51AP| "iPhone 5s", "iPhone 5s"
N53AP| "iPhone 5s", "iPhone 5s"
N56AP| "iPhone 6+", "iPhone 6+"
N61AP| "iPhone 6", "iPhone 6"
N66AP| "iPhone 6s+", "iPhone 6s+"
N66mAP| "iPhone 6s+", "iPhone 6s+"
N69AP| "iPhone SE", "iPhone SE"
N69uAP| "iPhone SE", "iPhone SE"
N71AP| "iPhone 6s", "iPhone 6s"
N71mAP| "iPhone 6s", "iPhone 6s"
N72AP| "iPod Touch", "iPod Touch (2nd gen)"
N78aAP| "iPod Touch", "iPod Touch (5th gen)"
N78AP| "iPod Touch", "iPod Touch (5th gen)"
N81AP| "iPod Touch", "iPod Touch (4th gen)"
N82AP| "iPhone 3G", "iPhone 3G"
N88AP| "iPhone 3GS", "iPhone 3GS"
N90AP| "iPhone 4", "iPhone 4"
N90BAP| "iPhone 4", "iPhone 4"
N92AP| "iPhone 4", "iPhone 4"
N94AP| "iPhone 4S", "iPhone 4S"
P101AP| "iPad", "iPad (4th gen)"
P102AP| "iPad", "iPad (4th gen)"
P103AP| "iPad", "iPad (4th gen)"
P105AP| "iPad mini", "iPad mini (1st gen)"
P106AP| "iPad mini", "iPad mini (1st gen)"
P107AP| "iPad mini", "iPad mini (1st gen)"