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LZMA Decoder interface
LZMA SDK 4.40 Copyright (c) 1999-2006 Igor Pavlov (2006-05-01)
LZMA SDK is licensed under two licenses:
1) GNU Lesser General Public License (GNU LGPL)
2) Common Public License (CPL)
It means that you can select one of these two licenses and
follow rules of that license.
Igor Pavlov, as the author of this code, expressly permits you to
statically or dynamically link your code (or bind by name) to the
interfaces of this file without subjecting your linked code to the
terms of the CPL or GNU LGPL. Any modifications or additions
to this file, however, are subject to the LGPL or CPL terms.
#ifndef __LZMADECODE_H
#define __LZMADECODE_H
#include "LzmaTypes.h"
/* #define _LZMA_IN_CB */
/* Use callback for input data */
/* #define _LZMA_OUT_READ */
/* Use read function for output data */
/* #define _LZMA_PROB32 */
/* It can increase speed on some 32-bit CPUs,
but memory usage will be doubled in that case */
/* #define _LZMA_LOC_OPT */
/* Enable local speed optimizations inside code */
#ifdef _LZMA_PROB32
#define CProb UInt32
#define CProb UInt16
#define LZMA_RESULT_OK 0
#ifdef _LZMA_IN_CB
typedef struct _ILzmaInCallback
int (*Read)(void *object, const unsigned char **buffer, SizeT *bufferSize);
} ILzmaInCallback;
#define LZMA_BASE_SIZE 1846
#define LZMA_LIT_SIZE 768
typedef struct _CLzmaProperties
int lc;
int lp;
int pb;
UInt32 DictionarySize;
int LzmaDecodeProperties(CLzmaProperties *propsRes, const unsigned char *propsData, int size);
#define LzmaGetNumProbs(Properties) (LZMA_BASE_SIZE + (LZMA_LIT_SIZE << ((Properties)->lc + (Properties)->lp)))
#define kLzmaNeedInitId (-2)
typedef struct _CLzmaDecoderState
CLzmaProperties Properties;
CProb *Probs;
#ifdef _LZMA_IN_CB
const unsigned char *Buffer;
const unsigned char *BufferLim;
unsigned char *Dictionary;
UInt32 Range;
UInt32 Code;
UInt32 DictionaryPos;
UInt32 GlobalPos;
UInt32 DistanceLimit;
UInt32 Reps[4];
int State;
int RemainLen;
unsigned char TempDictionary[4];
} CLzmaDecoderState;
#define LzmaDecoderInit(vs) { (vs)->RemainLen = kLzmaNeedInitId; }
int LzmaDecode(CLzmaDecoderState *vs,
#ifdef _LZMA_IN_CB
ILzmaInCallback *inCallback,
const unsigned char *inStream, SizeT inSize, SizeT *inSizeProcessed,
unsigned char *outStream, SizeT outSize, SizeT *outSizeProcessed);