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* MCF5272 Internal Memory Map
* Copyright (c) 2003 Josef Baumgartner <>
* See file CREDITS for list of people who contributed to this
* project.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
* published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of
* the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston,
* MA 02111-1307 USA
#ifndef __IMMAP_5272__
#define __IMMAP_5272__
/* System configuration registers
typedef struct sys_ctrl {
uint sc_mbar;
ushort sc_scr;
ushort sc_spr;
uint sc_pmr;
char res1[2];
ushort sc_alpr;
uint sc_dir;
char res2[12];
} sysctrl_t;
/* Interrupt module registers
typedef struct int_ctrl {
uint int_icr1;
uint int_icr2;
uint int_icr3;
uint int_icr4;
uint int_isr;
uint int_pitr;
uint int_piwr;
uchar res1[3];
uchar int_pivr;
} intctrl_t;
/* Chip select module registers.
typedef struct cs_ctlr {
uint cs_br0;
uint cs_or0;
uint cs_br1;
uint cs_or1;
uint cs_br2;
uint cs_or2;
uint cs_br3;
uint cs_or3;
uint cs_br4;
uint cs_or4;
uint cs_br5;
uint cs_or5;
uint cs_br6;
uint cs_or6;
uint cs_br7;
uint cs_or7;
} csctrl_t;
/* GPIO port registers
typedef struct gpio_ctrl {
uint gpio_pacnt;
ushort gpio_paddr;
ushort gpio_padat;
uint gpio_pbcnt;
ushort gpio_pbddr;
ushort gpio_pbdat;
uchar res1[4];
ushort gpio_pcddr;
ushort gpio_pcdat;
uint gpio_pdcnt;
uchar res2[4];
} gpio_t;
/* QSPI module registers
typedef struct qspi_ctrl {
ushort qspi_qmr;
uchar res1[2];
ushort qspi_qdlyr;
uchar res2[2];
ushort qspi_qwr;
uchar res3[2];
ushort qspi_qir;
uchar res4[2];
ushort qspi_qar;
uchar res5[2];
ushort qspi_qdr;
uchar res6[10];
} qspi_t;
/* PWM module registers
typedef struct pwm_ctrl {
uchar pwm_pwcr0;
uchar res1[3];
uchar pwm_pwcr1;
uchar res2[3];
uchar pwm_pwcr2;
uchar res3[7];
uchar pwm_pwwd0;
uchar res4[3];
uchar pwm_pwwd1;
uchar res5[3];
uchar pwm_pwwd2;
uchar res6[7];
} pwm_t;
/* DMA module registers
typedef struct dma_ctrl {
ulong dma_dmr;
uchar res1[2];
ushort dma_dir;
ulong dma_dbcr;
ulong dma_dsar;
ulong dma_ddar;
uchar res2[12];
} dma_t;
/* UART module registers
typedef struct uart_ctrl {
uchar uart_umr;
uchar res1[3];
uchar uart_usr_ucsr;
uchar res2[3];
uchar uart_ucr;
uchar res3[3];
uchar uart_urb_utb;
uchar res4[3];
uchar uart_uipcr_uacr;
uchar res5[3];
uchar uart_uisr_uimr;
uchar res6[3];
uchar uart_udu;
uchar res7[3];
uchar uart_udl;
uchar res8[3];
uchar uart_uabu;
uchar res9[3];
uchar uart_uabl;
uchar res10[3];
uchar uart_utf;
uchar res11[3];
uchar uart_urf;
uchar res12[3];
uchar uart_ufpd;
uchar res13[3];
uchar uart_uip;
uchar res14[3];
uchar uart_uop1;
uchar res15[3];
uchar uart_uop0;
uchar res16[3];
} uart_t;
/* SDRAM controller registers, offset: 0x180
typedef struct sdram_ctrl {
uchar res1[2];
ushort sdram_sdcr;
uchar res2[2];
ushort sdram_sdtr;
uchar res3[120];
} sdramctrl_t;
/* Timer module registers
typedef struct timer_ctrl {
ushort timer_tmr;
ushort res1;
ushort timer_trr;
ushort res2;
ushort timer_tcap;
ushort res3;
ushort timer_tcn;
ushort res4;
ushort timer_ter;
uchar res5[14];
} timer_t;
/* Watchdog registers
typedef struct wdog_ctrl {
ushort wdog_wrrr;
ushort res1;
ushort wdog_wirr;
ushort res2;
ushort wdog_wcr;
ushort res3;
ushort wdog_wer;
uchar res4[114];
} wdog_t;
/* PLIC module registers
typedef struct plic_ctrl {
ulong plic_p0b1rr;
ulong plic_p1b1rr;
ulong plic_p2b1rr;
ulong plic_p3b1rr;
ulong plic_p0b2rr;
ulong plic_p1b2rr;
ulong plic_p2b2rr;
ulong plic_p3b2rr;
uchar plic_p0drr;
uchar plic_p1drr;
uchar plic_p2drr;
uchar plic_p3drr;
uchar res1[4];
ulong plic_p0b1tr;
ulong plic_p1b1tr;
ulong plic_p2b1tr;
ulong plic_p3b1tr;
ulong plic_p0b2tr;
ulong plic_p1b2tr;
ulong plic_p2b2tr;
ulong plic_p3b2tr;
uchar plic_p0dtr;
uchar plic_p1dtr;
uchar plic_p2dtr;
uchar plic_p3dtr;
uchar res2[4];
ushort plic_p0cr;
ushort plic_p1cr;
ushort plic_p2cr;
ushort plic_p3cr;
ushort plic_p0icr;
ushort plic_p1icr;
ushort plic_p2icr;
ushort plic_p3icr;
ushort plic_p0gmr;
ushort plic_p1gmr;
ushort plic_p2gmr;
ushort plic_p3gmr;
ushort plic_p0gmt;
ushort plic_p1gmt;
ushort plic_p2gmt;
ushort plic_p3gmt;
uchar res3;
uchar plic_pgmts;
uchar plic_pgmta;
uchar res4;
uchar plic_p0gcir;
uchar plic_p1gcir;
uchar plic_p2gcir;
uchar plic_p3gcir;
uchar plic_p0gcit;
uchar plic_p1gcit;
uchar plic_p2gcit;
uchar plic_p3gcit;
uchar res5[3];
uchar plic_pgcitsr;
uchar res6[3];
uchar plic_pdcsr;
ushort plic_p0psr;
ushort plic_p1psr;
ushort plic_p2psr;
ushort plic_p3psr;
ushort plic_pasr;
uchar res7;
uchar plic_plcr;
ushort res8;
ushort plic_pdrqr;
ushort plic_p0sdr;
ushort plic_p1sdr;
ushort plic_p2sdr;
ushort plic_p3sdr;
ushort res9;
ushort plic_pcsr;
uchar res10[1184];
} plic_t;
/* Fast ethernet controller registers
typedef struct fec {
uint fec_ecntrl; /* ethernet control register */
uint fec_ievent; /* interrupt event register */
uint fec_imask; /* interrupt mask register */
uint fec_ivec; /* interrupt level and vector status */
uint fec_r_des_active; /* Rx ring updated flag */
uint fec_x_des_active; /* Tx ring updated flag */
uint res3[10]; /* reserved */
uint fec_mii_data; /* MII data register */
uint fec_mii_speed; /* MII speed control register */
uint res4[17]; /* reserved */
uint fec_r_bound; /* end of RAM (read-only) */
uint fec_r_fstart; /* Rx FIFO start address */
uint res5[6]; /* reserved */
uint fec_x_fstart; /* Tx FIFO start address */
uint res7[21]; /* reserved */
uint fec_r_cntrl; /* Rx control register */
uint fec_r_hash; /* Rx hash register */
uint res8[14]; /* reserved */
uint fec_x_cntrl; /* Tx control register */
uint res9[0x9e]; /* reserved */
uint fec_addr_low; /* lower 32 bits of station address */
uint fec_addr_high; /* upper 16 bits of station address */
uint fec_hash_table_high; /* upper 32-bits of hash table */
uint fec_hash_table_low; /* lower 32-bits of hash table */
uint fec_r_des_start; /* beginning of Rx descriptor ring */
uint fec_x_des_start; /* beginning of Tx descriptor ring */
uint fec_r_buff_size; /* Rx buffer size */
uint res2[9]; /* reserved */
uchar fec_fifo[960]; /* fifo RAM */
} fec_t;
/* USB module registers
typedef struct usb {
ushort res1;
ushort usb_fnr;
ushort res2;
ushort usb_fnmr;
ushort res3;
ushort usb_rfmr;
ushort res4;
ushort usb_rfmmr;
uchar res5[3];
uchar usb_far;
ulong usb_asr;
ulong usb_drr1;
ulong usb_drr2;
ushort res6;
ushort usb_specr;
ushort res7;
ushort usb_ep0sr;
ulong usb_iep0cfg;
ulong usb_oep0cfg;
ulong usb_ep1cfg;
ulong usb_ep2cfg;
ulong usb_ep3cfg;
ulong usb_ep4cfg;
ulong usb_ep5cfg;
ulong usb_ep6cfg;
ulong usb_ep7cfg;
ulong usb_ep0ctl;
ushort res8;
ushort usb_ep1ctl;
ushort res9;
ushort usb_ep2ctl;
ushort res10;
ushort usb_ep3ctl;
ushort res11;
ushort usb_ep4ctl;
ushort res12;
ushort usb_ep5ctl;
ushort res13;
ushort usb_ep6ctl;
ushort res14;
ushort usb_ep7ctl;
ulong usb_ep0isr;
ushort res15;
ushort usb_ep1isr;
ushort res16;
ushort usb_ep2isr;
ushort res17;
ushort usb_ep3isr;
ushort res18;
ushort usb_ep4isr;
ushort res19;
ushort usb_ep5isr;
ushort res20;
ushort usb_ep6isr;
ushort res21;
ushort usb_ep7isr;
ulong usb_ep0imr;
ushort res22;
ushort usb_ep1imr;
ushort res23;
ushort usb_ep2imr;
ushort res24;
ushort usb_ep3imr;
ushort res25;
ushort usb_ep4imr;
ushort res26;
ushort usb_ep5imr;
ushort res27;
ushort usb_ep6imr;
ushort res28;
ushort usb_ep7imr;
ulong usb_ep0dr;
ulong usb_ep1dr;
ulong usb_ep2dr;
ulong usb_ep3dr;
ulong usb_ep4dr;
ulong usb_ep5dr;
ulong usb_ep6dr;
ulong usb_ep7dr;
ushort res29;
ushort usb_ep0dpr;
ushort res30;
ushort usb_ep1dpr;
ushort res31;
ushort usb_ep2dpr;
ushort res32;
ushort usb_ep3dpr;
ushort res33;
ushort usb_ep4dpr;
ushort res34;
ushort usb_ep5dpr;
ushort res35;
ushort usb_ep6dpr;
ushort res36;
ushort usb_ep7dpr;
uchar res37[788];
uchar usb_cfgram[1024];
} usb_t;
/* Internal memory map.
typedef struct immap {
sysctrl_t sysctrl_reg; /* System configuration registers */
intctrl_t intctrl_reg; /* Interrupt controller registers */
csctrl_t csctrl_reg; /* Chip select controller registers */
gpio_t gpio_reg; /* GPIO controller registers */
qspi_t qspi_reg; /* QSPI controller registers */
pwm_t pwm_reg; /* Pulse width modulation registers */
dma_t dma_reg; /* DMA registers */
uart_t uart_reg[2]; /* UART registers */
sdramctrl_t sdram_reg; /* SDRAM controller registers */
timer_t timer_reg[4]; /* Timer registers */
wdog_t wdog_reg; /* Watchdog registers */
plic_t plic_reg; /* Physical layer interface registers */
fec_t fec_reg; /* Fast ethernet controller registers */
usb_t usb_reg; /* USB controller registers */
} immap_t;
#endif /* __IMMAP_5272__ */