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/* */
/* Broadcom BCM5700 Linux Network Driver, Copyright (c) 2000 Broadcom */
/* Corporation. */
/* All rights reserved. */
/* */
/* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify */
/* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by */
/* the Free Software Foundation, located in the file LICENSE. */
/* */
#ifndef MM_H
#define MM_H
#define __raw_readl readl
#define __raw_writel writel
#define readl(addr) (*(volatile unsigned int*)(addr))
#define writel(b,addr) ((*(volatile unsigned int *) (addr)) = (b))
/* Define memory barrier function here if needed */
#define wmb()
#define membar()
#include <common.h>
#include <asm/types.h>
#include "bcm570x_lm.h"
#include "bcm570x_queue.h"
#include "tigon3.h"
#include <pci.h>
#define FALSE 0
#define TRUE 1
#define ERROR -1
#if DBG
#define STATIC
#define STATIC static
extern int MM_Packet_Desc_Size;
#define MM_PACKET_DESC_SIZE MM_Packet_Desc_Size
#define MAX_MEM 16
/* Synch */
typedef int mutex_t;
typedef int spinlock_t;
/* Embedded device control */
typedef struct _UM_DEVICE_BLOCK {
pci_dev_t pdev;
char *name;
void *mem_list[MAX_MEM];
dma_addr_t dma_list[MAX_MEM];
int mem_size_list[MAX_MEM];
int mem_list_num;
int mtu;
int index;
int opened;
int delayed_link_ind; /* Delay link status during initial load */
int adapter_just_inited; /* the first few seconds after init. */
int spurious_int; /* new -- unsupported */
int timer_interval;
int adaptive_expiry;
int crc_counter_expiry; /* new -- unsupported */
int poll_tib_expiry; /* new -- unsupported */
int tx_full;
int tx_queued;
int line_speed; /* in Mbps, 0 if link is down */
UM_RX_PACKET_Q rx_out_of_buf_q;
int rx_out_of_buf;
int rx_low_buf_thresh; /* changed to rx_buf_repl_thresh */
int rx_buf_repl_panic_thresh;
int rx_buf_align; /* new -- unsupported */
int do_global_lock;
mutex_t global_lock;
mutex_t undi_lock;
long undi_flags;
volatile int interrupt;
int tasklet_pending;
int tasklet_busy; /* new -- unsupported */
int rx_pkt;
int tx_pkt;
#ifdef NICE_SUPPORT /* unsupported, this is a linux ioctl */
void (*nice_rx)(void*, void* );
void* nice_ctx;
#endif /* NICE_SUPPORT */
int rx_adaptive_coalesce;
unsigned int rx_last_cnt;
unsigned int tx_last_cnt;
unsigned int rx_curr_coalesce_frames;
unsigned int rx_curr_coalesce_ticks;
unsigned int tx_curr_coalesce_frames; /* new -- unsupported */
#if TIGON3_DEBUG /* new -- unsupported */
uint tx_zc_count;
uint tx_chksum_count;
uint tx_himem_count;
uint rx_good_chksum_count;
unsigned int rx_bad_chksum_count; /* new -- unsupported */
unsigned int rx_misc_errors; /* new -- unsupported */
/* Physical/PCI DMA address */
typedef union {
dma_addr_t dma_map;
} dma_map_t;
/* Packet */
typedef struct
LM_PACKET lm_packet;
void* skbuff; /* Address of packet buffer */
#define MM_ACQUIRE_UNDI_LOCK(_pDevice)
#define MM_RELEASE_UNDI_LOCK(_pDevice)
#define MM_ACQUIRE_INT_LOCK(_pDevice)
#define MM_RELEASE_INT_LOCK(_pDevice)
#define MM_UINT_PTR(_ptr) ((unsigned long) (_ptr))
/* Macro for setting 64bit address struct */
#define set_64bit_addr(paddr, low, high) \
(paddr)->Low = low; \
(paddr)->High = high;
/* Assume that PCI controller's view of host memory is same as host */
#define MEM_TO_PCI_PHYS(addr) (addr)
extern void MM_SetAddr (LM_PHYSICAL_ADDRESS *paddr, dma_addr_t addr);
extern void MM_SetT3Addr(T3_64BIT_HOST_ADDR *paddr, dma_addr_t addr);
extern void MM_MapTxDma (PLM_DEVICE_BLOCK pDevice,
struct _LM_PACKET *pPacket, T3_64BIT_HOST_ADDR *paddr,
LM_UINT32 *len, int frag);
extern void MM_MapRxDma ( PLM_DEVICE_BLOCK pDevice,
struct _LM_PACKET *pPacket,
T3_64BIT_HOST_ADDR *paddr);
/* BSP needs to provide sysUsecDelay and sysSerialPrintString */
extern void sysSerialPrintString (char *s);
#define MM_Wait(usec) udelay(usec)
/* Define memory barrier function here if needed */
#define wmb()
#if 0
#define cpu_to_le32(val) LONGSWAP(val)
#endif /* MM_H */