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XES XPedite1000 Board
Last Update: December 29, 2003
This file contains some handy info regarding U-Boot and the XES
XPedite1000 PPC440GX PrPMC board. See the README.ppc440 for additional
Jumpers selected for AMD29LV040B flash part as the boot flash.
I2C Strap EEPROM & Environment Settings
The XPedite1000 uses a single I2C eeprom for the 440 strappings and for
the environment variables. The first page (256 bytes) contains the
strappings and the 2 EMAC HW Ethernet addresses. Be careful not to
change the 1st page of the EEPROM! Unpopulated jumper J560 can get you
out of trouble as it disables the strapping read from EEPROM.
I2C iprobe
The i2c utilities work and have been tested on Rev B. of the 440GX. See
README.ebony for more information about i2c probing with the 440.
(Direct quote from README.ebony)
If you're like me ... you may have screwed up your bootstrap serial
eeprom ... or worse, your SPD eeprom when experimenting with the
i2c commands. If so, here are some ideas on how to get out of
Serial bootstrap eeprom corruption:
Power down the board and set the following straps:
J560 - closed
This will select the default sys0 and sys1 settings (the serial
eeproms are not used). Then power up the board and fix the serial
eeprom using the imm command. Here are the values I currently
=> imd 50 0 10
0000: 85 7d 42 06 07 80 11 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 .}B.............
Once you have the eeproms set correctly change the
J560 straps as you desire.
PPC440GX Ethernet EMACs
The XES XPedite1000 uses emac 2 & 3 and ignores emac 0 & 1. PHYs are connected
only to emac 2 & 3. The HW Ethernet addresses are read from the i2c eeprom and
placed in the bd info structure for enet2addr and enet3addr. The ethernet driver
senses that enetaddr and enet1addr are 0's and does not use them.
As of this writing gigabit ethernet and the TCPIP acceleration hardware is not
Flash Support
As of this writing, there is support for the 1/2mb boot flash only. User flash
is not yet supported.